Prisoner Paralyzed Prior to Release a Victim of Pennsylvania State Prison System

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The Law Firm of Alvin F. de Levie, Esq. files “Section 1983” Civil Rights Action in Federal Court

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PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, September 5, 2017 / -- A man about to be freed from prison was injured in his cell. Due to either carelessness or negligence, the man suffered a serious spinal cord injury. After this tragic event left the man a quadriplegic, the law firm of Alvin F. de Levie, Esq. stepped in to help the victim.

The firm handles serious personal injury cases and catastrophic injury across the state of Pennsylvania. More than just a personal injury practice, the de Levie firm tirelessly protects the rights of their clients across the legal system, whether the case could be handled at mediation or at trial. In this case, the firm filed a “Section 1983” civil rights action in the federal court system.

Some facts of the case are as follows:

• The civil rights case is being fought in federal court and has been ongoing for years.

• The injured plaintiff was an inmate at Pennsylvania State prison in January 2013 when his rights were violated, and the injury occurred

• The injured party was incarcerated for parole violations arising from a nonviolent offense.

• The victim of this tragedy was 42 years old and in good health when his rights were violated, and he was subjected to the catastrophic injury.

• The de Levie firm’s client suffered a neck injury after a fall.

It is the contention of the Alvin F. de Levie attorneys that the medical personnel at the prison arrived to transport the client for medical evaluation and care. Unfortunately, it appears that there were no precautions taken first to stabilize their client’s head and neck which is standard protocol in preparing for transportation of a potential injury to the head or spinal cord.

The patient could still move his hand and feet immediately after the fall.

If this was played out on a TV show, the audience would’ve expected to see the patient’s neck immobilized immediately and the patient placed on a hard backboard. This is the kind of activity that even the general public expects from most emergency medical care transport personnel.

In this case, the prison medical staff proceeded to roll the client onto a canvas stretcher and carried him out of the cell like he was a piece of furniture. They took him to a triage area to wait for transportation to a medical facility. His neck was never immobilized.

When the EMTs arrived to transport the patient to an off-site medical center, the first thing they did was immediately stabilize his head and neck properly.

After years of the case winding its way through the court system, Mediation has finally been scheduled and will take place in October 2017.

The attorneys at the Alvin F. de Levie firm have years of experience with injury cases and are noted for extraordinary outcomes and results for their clients. For example, in the year 2016, the law firm achieved the fourth highest mediated settlement in the entire state of Pennsylvania. In that personal injury case, the firm represented a man who suffered multiple spinal injuries after being rear-ended by another driver. The client endured years of invasive treatment such as steroid injection and nerve ablations. The person who caused the accident had minimum insurance coverage.

The Alvin F. de Levie firm pursued a claim against their client’s insurance company. After preparing and presenting the case, a one-day mediation was scheduled where the significant settlement was achieved for the injured client.
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