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Apeiron Announces Final Qualification and Availability of Micron 11TB NVMe SSDs

Apeiron Data Systems can now deploy 264TB of native NVMe capacity in each 2U ADS1000 enclosure, providing unmatched NVMe density and performance

The ability to integrate NVMe SSD's of any capacity and write profile means the proper NVMe drive profile can be deployed for the applications' needs”
— Jeff Barber
FOLSOM, CA, USA, September 14, 2017 / -- Apeiron Data Systems announced today that they have completed the qualification of Micron's 11TB NVMe drive. This industry leading drive is available now for order in the ADS1000 system. Each Apeiron system houses 24 NVMe drives, and 32 fully integrated switch ports. These systems are networked together forming a massively scalable NVMe network. Through a combination of switch and server consolidation, the ADS1000 has the industry's strongest TCO/ROI justification.

Apeiron's Chief Revenue Officer, Jeff Barber says: "The ability to integrate NVMe SSD's of any capacity and write-tolerance means the proper NVMe drive can be deployed for the applications' needs. For example, a Splunk Security environment may want to use a high write tolerance 8TB NVMe drive for "Hot" data ingestion, with the slightly older data being migrated to 11TB drives for longer term retention. Aside from cost savings, the benefit of this design is that the difference in query performance across the NVMe profiles is imperceptible to the user. Both drives perform equally well when the data is queried."

Having years of data available for analysis translates means you can extract more business value from your investment. In the case of security analytics, the 7-10x increase in query performance provided by NVMe and Apeiron's controller-less architecture translates to exponentially more security scans per day.

Apeiron provides economic "tiers" by offering the full spectrum of NVMe products without the typical performance penalties and overhead cheaper drive tiers tend to represent. NVMe provides a more consistent read performance profile across the capacity spectrum. Only Apeiron can place this amount of capacity today in such a dense footprint; 264TB per 2U enclosure. With the ability to directly connect multiple enclosures together via native NVMe networking, Apeiron is delivering unmatched scale and performance. For more information please visit or email us at

Jeff A. Barber
Apeiron Data Systems
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