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New Wearable Tech Fashion, LumoSquid Pays Homage to Super Nintendo Classic with an Interactive Human Gaming Video

LitJackets are a great compliment to Nintendo's Release of NES Classic Edition

LumoSquid Pays Tribute to Nintendo

Twenty six years ago a love affair with Gaming began, so LitJackets offers a Tribute to Nintendo with an 8-Bit Retro Game Meets CRAZY Light-Up Parkour Action

“LumoSquid wants significance like Nintendo. Today's generation seeks validation, but are challenged with finding new experiences in old environments ..." -Sandhu”
— Vishal Sandhu

(August 24, 2017)- New York, New York In Super Mario Brothers fashion, we are honoring Nintendo's twenty-six (26) years of sustainability with our 8-Bit Retro Game Meets CRAZY Light-Up Parkour Action within the streets of Portland with locals who had a love affair with & for the game. Running through traffic with the durable & New Wearable Technology by LumoSquid called LitJackets makes the classic gaming system come back to life with a Retro Human feel because who didn’t grow up playing Nintendo - right?

Young Millennial Inventor & Entrepreneur, Vishal Sandhu, the Creator of LitJackets was influenced by the Gaming Industry, which is part of the reason that he pursued Computer Engineering as a Profession. Sandhu believes life is about creating and sharing memories with your besties and having real time interactions; sitting around the living room laughing, enjoying life and playing Nintendo are his fondest childhood memories, so he designed the LitJackets with that in mind.

LumoSquid wants significance and staying power like Nintendo. Today's generation seeks validation, but are challenged with finding new experiences in old environments and our wearable tech will shift that cultural with digital interaction-in real time.

Depicted in our Nintendo Homage Video: 8-Bit Retro Game Meets CRAZY Light-Up Parkour Action, LitJackets has that exciting game feel to it, and brings you that same enthusiasm when wearing it- with its 16 Million Customizable Bright Colors that sync to the beat that's Smartphone Controlled with an Ultra-Thin LED Battery operated function that’s spill proof too.

Like Sandhu, you probably didn’t want to truly grow up either as adulthood is so overrated – right? Other adults expect you to give up all the cool stuff like play time, naps, games, creativity and fun to fit into their boxes.

LumoSquid introduces you to Wearable Tech Fashion with a Gaming twist in this celebratory video as we give ourselves permission to think outside the box because there isn’t one- unless it fits into The Super Nintendo Entertainment System Home Video Console- now making a comeback is jammed packed with games from two decades ago.

Way before the Internet, Virtual Hugs, Cyber Love, Smartphones and Emoticons, Nintendo was a household name that brought families, and friends together, so it is fair to say like today it’s an iconic conversation piece. Our jackets can be worn while playing one of your favorite games – with the twenty-one (21) Old School Classic Games built into the new system.

Yes, the Internet is on fire talking about Nintendo as we all should since they’re timeless, and have been a staple in many households, and like them, we too get things lit. The SNES Classic Edition will include The Legend of Zelda: A link to the Past, Super Metroid, Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario World Final Fantasy III, Super Mario Kart, Contra III: The Alien Wars, and the never released Star Fox 2, and we can’t wait!

Let’s face it, we (90’s kids) were insane in the membrane for Super Mario, and Donkey Kong it was our afterschool life. We all lived for the enjoyment of being next, the bonuses, the sound of points adding up, the jumping and it was all in the way that you flicked your wrist while tightly gripping your controllers-and like life -going all in; hence strategically playing to win.

Within this Retro Gaming Video, we wanted to Pay Tribute to our childhood; showing our love for Nintendo and exactly what Gaming, Technology and Fashion means to us. We thought - why not live lit & never quit at playing this game called life while remembering our favorite pastimes, smiling at the memories, and we challenge you to do you by creating something new that will have an awesome past that’s built to last.

We can only hope to create similar significant success as the popular gaming system has done through its longevity and superb product line. WOW in only thirty minutes popular stores like Target, Walmart, GameStop, and Amazon had the Nintendo on presale, and yeah, we missed it too as they all sold out. No, the Game isn’t Over – not for LumoSquid either as we’re just getting started looking to companies like Nintendo as the standard. The NES Classic is on back order, and that happens each time they resurface because they have a stellar line of interactive and popular products with followers who are beyond loyal.

As we all patiently wait for restocking and the launch on September 29, 2017 in the US-its only fate that we reminisce on our childhood, and invite you to check out our Retro Wearable Tech Fashion Gaming Video honoring those who influence us to finally get in the, and pave the way in wearable technology.

Like Nintendo, LitJackets are in high demand, and we too are getting the Internet to buzz in around us. As a unique product – where Tech Compliments Fashion; meeting Old School Gaming, we only dream of garnering the loyalty wrapped in two decades of love Nintendo has created. Kudos to you Nintendo, we love you, so Welcome Back!

Connect the dots with us & become your own 80’s gaming character, and no, you may not be Super Mario, but you can get lit in your LitJacket by LumoSquid.

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Nintendo Tribute with LitJackets by LumoSquid: 8-Bit Retro Game Meets CRAZY Light-Up Parkour Action !