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Brontosaurus Brought Back From Extinction

EverythingTiny has created three new Tinysaur kits of Brontosaurus, Quetzalcoatlus, and Fiji Mermaid.

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, August 18, 2017 / -- Tiny laser-cut skeleton models resemble giants at natural history museums. Designer Herb Hoover has created three new miniature bone kits for you to assemble.

The once-stately brontosaurus had been removed from the cladogram because of a mistake by O.C. Marsh during the Dinosaur Wars in 1879. Debunked as only an apatosaurus, which was also discovered by Marsh, the brontosaurus went from being one of the best known dinosaurs to one of paleontology's best known blunders. However, in 2015, after a closer examination of Marsh's apatosaurus and brontosaurus fossils, scientists found significant enough differences to restore the bronto's good name.

The Quetzalcoatlus is larger than a giraffe and scientists believe it could fly over 10,000 miles without stopping. In 2016, ornithologists observed birds sleeping in flight, so paleontologists have extrapolated the pterosaur's ability to sleep while in flight. Imagine if your captain did that.

EverythingTiny's Fiji Mermaid is one of the designer's personal favorites. It's a mythical creature that conjured images of adventure and discovery on the high seas. The Zwaanendael Museum in Lewes Delaware has an exhibit of the taxidermied creature. Only a few specimens exist.

Tinysaurs are skeleton kits that you assemble into a miniature museum specimen. Bare bones kits come with tiny laser cut bones and printed instructions. All-in-one kits include laser-cut bones, printed instructions, a glass display dome with wooden base, tweezers, glue, and a magnifier -- everything needed to build the tiny skeleton. also hosts 3D instructions that you can rotate and zoom in on.

EverythingTiny's crowdfunding campaign will close on September 19th at 11 PM. They are currently ramping up production to create the parts and assemble them into the kits to ensure on-time delivery of the Kickstarter rewards.

Tinysaurs and have been around since 2008 when Kelly Maguire fired a laser beam to create the first T-rex with a tripodal posture imitating a kangaroo. Herb Hoover has added 15 skeleton models and two add-on kits to the Tinysaur collection since their first Kickstarter campaign in 2013.

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