Migraine Therapeutics Development and Professional Review Analysis 2017

Migraine Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Review

PUNE, INDIA, August 18, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Pune, India, 18th August 2017: WiseGuyReports announced addition of new report, titled “Global Migraine Market Report: 2016 Edition”.

Migraine is a common neurovascular disorder that is characterized by throbbing headaches and is commonly associated with other neurological symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, and painful sensitivity to lights and sounds. Migraines are thought to result from the activation and sensitization of sensory neurons that have nerve endings in meningeal blood vessels. Migraines can be episodic or chronic. Chronic Migraine (CM) and Episodic Migraine (EM) are both part of the spectrum of migraine disorders, but are distinct clinical entities. The onset of migraine is preceded by certain triggers, which can be unique for each migraine sufferer.

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Triptans and Ergots are among the most common drug options existing in the treatment market for migraine. The global migraine treatment market currently faces several unmet needs and is saturated with the availability of generic drugs. Several branded drugs are under development with safer and more effective profiles, given the vast opportunities existing in the market. The focus of upcoming drugs is to either cure migraine or to reduce the frequency to a level where patients can find tolerable relief.

The migraine market is expected to acquire modest growth driven by launch of new therapies and increasing rate of drug treatment due to increasing female population and rising awareness among physicians and patients. The major growth drivers of the migraine market includes rising spending on medicines, growing female population, increasing cigarette consumption and healthcare expenditure. However, the growth of the market will also remain challenged by complications associated with Triptans, treatment limitations for patients with CV (Cardio Vascular) risk and increased preference for OTC (Over the Counter) medications.

The report, “Global Migraine Market” analyzes the currently prevailing condition of the market along with its future scope of development. The specific market of the U.S. is being discussed in the report. The major trends, growth drivers as well as issues being faced by the industry are being presented in this report. The major players in the industry are being profiled, along with their key financials and strategies for growth.

Table of Content: Key Points

1. Market Overview
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Types
1.3 Causes and Pathogenesis
1.4 Symptoms and Diagnosis
1.5 Treatment Options

2. Global Migraine Market
2.1 Global Migraine Drug Market by Value
2.2 Global Migraine Drug Market by Category
2.3 Global Therapeutic Botulinum Toxin Market by Value
2.4 Global Therapeutic Botulinum Toxin Market by Indication

3. The U.S. Migraine Market
3.1 The U.S. Total Migraine Population
3.2 The U.S. Migraine Population by Diagnosis
3.3 The U.S. Migraine Population with CV Risk Factors
3.4 The U.S Preventive Migraine Treatment by Specialty
3.5 The U.S. Acute Migraine Treated Population by Drug Type
3.6 The U.S. Acute Migraine Prescription Volume
3.7 The U.S. Migraine Drugs Revenue
3.7.1 Cambia
3.7.2 Lasmiditan

4. Market Dynamics
4.1 Growth Drivers
4.1.1 Rising Spending on Medicines
4.1.2 Growing Female Population
4.1.3 Increasing Cigarette Consumption
4.1.4 Rising Healthcare Expenditure

4.2 Trends
4.2.1 Emergence of Peripheral Nerve Stimulators
4.2.2 Increased Preference for Non Pharmacological Treatment
4.2.3 Higher Prevalence of Migraine than Other Chronic Diseases
4.2.4 Recurrent Symptoms in Migraine Patients
4.2.5 Drugs under Development for Migraine

4.3 Challenges
4.3.1 Complications associated with Triptans
4.3.2 Treatment Limitations for Patients with Cardiovascular Disease
4.3.3 Rise in Prescription Drugs to OTC Switch

5. Competitive Landscape
6. Company Profiles

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