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Go-Sake comes to Germany

A Berlin startup brings Japanese premium sake to Berlin in a „to-go“ fashion

BERLIN, DEUTSCHLAND, August 18, 2017 / -- Berlin, the German City of the „Weg-Bier“ (Beer for the Road), where new international food trends are born every day. Since this summer Berlin has its first Berlin designed sake, Go-Sake, co-founded by Bastian Schwithal and Marco Rafailović and later onboarded, Mayu Adachi, a sake sommeliere.

When it comes to sake, many Germans may think about it as a high-percentage, warm alcohol, that is often used for cooking. Not quite true, sake actually contains over 400 flavor components and is a highly complex and digestible drink with many positive effects. Moreover, Marco Rafailović presumes that many people aren´t really aware of the existence of sake and the outstanding craftsmanship, that is deeply rooted in the Japanese tradition, which defines the product.

In addition, Go-Sake aims to inspire the younger generation who hasn’t had the privilege to experience the taste of sake, to test it out for themselves. The idea of Go-Sake was born in a Meeting at the Japanese Embassy in Berlin. There, Sake Experts discussed how Japanese sake and the related culture could be promoted in Germany.

„While doing our market research we recognized that many people who we asked about sake, often replied in a similar manner. If the surveyed individual had knowledge about sake, then it was mostly in the context of cooking. As problematic was mentioned by the sample additionally,

- the size of sake bottles
- readability of the bottles
- the availability of sakes in stores
- the price point of sake
- the lacking knowledge on sake.“,

explains Bastian Schwithal, Co-Founder, Go-Sake.

Therefore, Go-Sake’s intention was to tackle these challenges and to give guidance to the audience. With a handy bottle sized at 180 milliliters, Sake-Newbies should get the chance to purchase top Japanese premium sake at an affordable price. The customer is able to get access to a new product without being forced to buy a big bottle of sake.

„There are over 1500 sake breweries in Japan. It is essential for our project to find the optimal product which suits new drinkers as well, says Mayu Adachi, sake sommeliere at Go-Sake.

In order to reach this goal, the Go-Sake team travelled through Japan, visited many Breweries and Brewers and tasted a variety of different sake styles. „The support of the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) from Kobe and the Kochi Chamber of Commerce and Industry were one of the decisive factors that helped us found the right partners in Japan and hence we created the Go-Sake project“, explains Bastian Schwithal.

With the Arimitsu Brewery in Kochi, founded in 1903, the perfect partner for the first edition of Go-Sake was found. „An awarded junmai sake with a smooth and slightly dry aftertaste which will please also wine and craft beer fans“, summarizes Mayu Adachi.

Besides the marketing of the handy Go-Sake bottles it is very important for the Go-Sake team to promote also the related Japanese culture by events, workshops, food tastings and pairings.

About Go-Sake
Go-Sake was founded in 2017 by Dr. Bastian Schwithal and Marco Rafailović to promote Japanese sake culture in Germany. Together with sake sommeliere Mayu Adachi, Go-Sake curates premium sake and supports Japanese sake breweries in bringing their handcrafted sake to Germany. Go-Sake stands for 180 milliliter and for a new modern way of sake consumption.

Bastian Schwithal
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