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Taming Creatures of Habit

7 Creatures of Habit

A New Way to Understand and Influence Creative Decisions and Behaviours in Ourselves and Others

The Creatures provide lenses through which to unpick the existing associations and challenge ourselves to think wider and deeper. It’s remarkable what we can achieve once our minds are released!”
— Simon Jack
LONDON, GREATER LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, August 9, 2017 / -- The world is moving faster, competition is becoming fiercer, customers are becoming more demanding. We’ve heard it all before but for most of us, this just makes us feel uneasy as we face up to more difficult and changeable situations with a growing sense of uncertainty.

We’ve reached a point where every company says they need to be more innovative. Every person is told they need to work in more creative ways. But who really knows what this means?

For some, the answer is to play ostrich and hope things just work out. For others it’s all out battle stations. But most people are not sure what impact they can make, even though the intent is there.

The answer, or at least a good part of it, lies with our habits.

Our habits are created out of the behaviours and actions we carry out repeatedly. When we think of habits, our minds race to actions such as nail biting, smoking or overeating. But we may not realise the grip thinking habits have over our minds. In reality, when faced with a new challenge, we tend to fall back into thinking in the comfortable ways that we know best.

However, once habits and behaviours that can limit change and progress are realised, all sorts of creative possibilities open up. That’s exactly what the brand ‘Creatures of Habit’ sets out to do.

There are actually seven Creatures of Habit. Each provides a lens through which to understand thinking patterns and resulting behaviours that can obstruct creative ideas, change and progress. They are designed to help people generate more, varied ideas, make better decisions and work more collaboratively together.

Here’s a quick introduction to each Creature…

Your brain’s task automator. Routine loves efficiency and hates wasting brainpower. Its job is the automation of the repetitive. It’s there for you when you need to quickly recall everyday actions and behaviours without wasting mental effort.

Your brain’s inbuilt resistance to change. Protection loves to keep the status quo. When a certain way of doing things becomes established, any attempt to change it can result in conflict and wasted energy. It’s the job of Protection to ensure minimal disruption.

The express lane of your brain. Obvious likes to find an answer quickly then move on. Obvious developed to be able to quickly spot what was needed and to get it implemented. It is always after the swift gratification of a workable idea and doesn’t like to exercise its thinking muscles unnecessarily.

The eternal critic. Judgement will try to make sure you never look foolish or make mistakes. Judgement is fanatical about always making the right decisions. It is concerned about losing time and resources and subsequently takes a no-nonsense line. Its job is to weed out the wrong answers and bad ideas before they cause disruption or damage.

Your brain’s way of sticking with the herd to ensure you are doing what is socially acceptable. Follower is a social conformist. It protects you from doing anything too embarrassing or unsafe. It makes a judgement on what others are doing around you so as to maintain a social barometer on what are the most acceptable actions.

Obedience ensures you conform to the rules so you don’t experience any unknown consequences. Obedience’s duty is to serve and obey. It recognises there needs to be a certain amount or order and conformity to prevent the onset of chaos. As such, it will do its utmost to uphold the rules- even the unwritten ones.

Your irrational fear and doubt that erodes your confidence and prevents you from reaching your potential. Gremlin is responsible for sucking up your confidence, stripping your courage and stealing your belief. It’s a bit of a hypochondriac; it plans for the worst and escalates the potential things that can go wrong, no matter how irrational.

How do people know which Creatures of Habit influence them the most? The Creatures of Habit quiz has been developed to help people better understand how their own mind works and what determines their creative behaviours. It enables people to understand their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to creative thinking habits and subsequently, how to overcome their limitations to become a more effective thinker than ever before.

Creatures of Habit founder (and lead tamer) Simon Jack is a creative scientist who has identified the 7 habitual thinking patterns having been a student of people’s creative mindset and behaviours for over 10 years. From a scientific viewpoint, Simon explains, “Realisation is the key to positive change. We tend to make decisions by what comes to mind most easily and how they fit our existing understanding. These in-built associations are notoriously hard to budge. The Creatures of Habit provide different lenses through which to unpick the existing associations and challenge ourselves to think wider and deeper. It’s remarkable what we can achieve once our minds are released!”

The Creatures are also commonly found at creative workshops, conferences and events throughout the UK, helping people in industries ranging from technology companies to creative agencies and even unemployed youths.

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