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Defining the Future: an All Purpose Robot that Travels with You

Travelmate brings the idea of a robot helper full circle. It takes the vague idea of an all purpose robot and re-purposes it into something useful for everyone.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, UNITED STATES, August 3, 2017 / -- How do we define the future? Classical futurists and a whole generation of people envisioned a society of flying cars, talking robots, Utopian cities and smart homes. A lot of their predictions have actually been integrated into everyday life, just in ways that would be considered unexpected for their time.

While the world is obviously far from perfect, dreams of flying cars have given way to self driving vehicles from companies like Tesla. Star Trek's futuristic pagers are now a real thing and they've taken the form of mobile phones that are functional supercomputers with thousands of features. Even robots, which everyone thinks as being far off into the future, are incredibly close to being in a home near you.

For over a month now, I've been looking at a new type of robot ( that's been developed by a robotics firm in San Francisco. I've come to the conclusion that what they're offering is the next big thing in consumer technology. I don't normally make such stark statements about new technology, but I'm making a huge exception for this robot.

That's because they've created a marvel of engineering and technology. A truly all purpose robot that can travel with you wherever you go. It's affordable and you can pre-order one right now. (

Redefining Robots and Travel

Travelmate ( brings the idea of a robot helper full circle. It takes the vague idea of an all purpose robot and re-purposes it into something practical and useful for everyone.

It drives by itself and looks like a suitcase, but don't be fooled because it's much more than that. It has thousands of features and the Travelmate team says that they'll keep updating it with new features for free. It can talk to you, act as a camera operator, watch your house for you, play games with you, navigate through difficult terrain and much more.

Leo Ryzhenko, who is the company's President, puts it this way, “robots have been stereotyped into impractical things like bipedal robots or buckets on wheels. In fiction, a great example of practical sci-fi inventions would be Back to the Future's time machine car. It travels through time and goes up to 88 mph! In real life, we've done the same thing for robots. Travelmate ( is a practical robot that combines form and function as a self driving suitcase.”

You don't need to be a tech geek to own one of their robots because Travelmate has a mind of its own and adjusts to where you are automatically.

They also like to compare Travelmate to the development of smartphone and rightly so. David Near, the CEO of Travelmate says that, “when you look at how phones started out, they could only call people. Then they became portable and then the iphone came out. After that, people understood what a smartphone was and the technology wasn't limited to a single function.”

Now, over a billion people own smartphones and it's something that everyone uses. Travelmate does the same thing, but on a much larger scale. It makes robots into something utilitarian and it invents a new and easier way for you to travel.

Reinventing the Wheel – Literally

Travelmate ( inadvertently brings American innovation back into the fold. We've sent a man to the moon, invented the internet, founded the Manhattan project and for better or worse, changed the course of humanity. Yet new technological advancements have increasingly been made elsewhere. With Travelmate, that may no longer be the case. They're based in San Francisco, and if their robot lives up to its immense potential, then it will revolutionize the way we go about our daily lives.

Their robot innovates in more ways than one. It has an array of sensors that allow it to travel almost anywhere. It'll easily navigate through large crowds of people and can drive in uneven terrain. Travelmate adjusts to your speed and can go up to 6.75 mph, which means that it'll keep up with you even if you're sprinting.

It's simply ingenious from a design perspective. All of its technical components make up only 5% of its total volume. Anthony Anderson, who is their design leader says that, “we designed a whole new type of wheel for the Travelmate. These omni-wheels can move horizontally as individual parts, so that means that it can make tiny adjustments in all types of terrain. When you combine this with artificial intelligence, it makes for a robot with unprecedented maneuverability.”

They've even thought about how to make sure that your robot is never stolen. It includes a GPS inside, so that you can always see where it is through your smartphone. It also has built in speakers, so you can turn on an alarm if you need to. Since Travelmate is paired to your smartphone, it can immediately sense if it's not following you anymore. Because of this, it'll automatically lock its wheels if it senses that someone is trying to steal it (you can turn this feature off if you want to). This means that it's almost impossible to steal.

Here's How You Can Get Your Own Robot Right Now

If you want an all purpose robot that carries your stuff for you and is affordable, then you can order one for yourself right now. They come in three different sizes, and the smallest Travelmate can fit as a carry on. My suggestion is to do what I already did and order a Travelmate ( It's cheaper than most drones and almost any robot out there, and it's way more practical than both of those things. This is the most interesting gadget right now and I can't wait for people to get their hands on it.

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