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Zoho Premier Enterprise Partner, Cloudbakers, Applauds Zoho One

With today’s release of Zoho One, Cloudbakers equips the Mid-Market with additional value through a new integrated suite of business applications.

Zoho One is by far the most valuable product release to Mid-Market and Enterprise organizations -- exactly what we've been waiting for.”
— Shaun Banta, CRM Expert
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, July 25, 2017 / -- Cloudbakers, Zoho’s Preferred Premier Partner for the Mid-Market and Enterprise, is excited to help officially announce the release of Zoho One and continue implementations for organizations looking to scale, while enhancing their customer experience. After being confidentially released during Zoho’s annual Zoholics event in June 2017, Zoho One is now open to every organization world-wide.

Streamlined processes and a common data model, both inspirations of the new Zoho One, are making cohesive communication across teams and departments possible and quick. Zoho One is a compilation of over 35 of Zoho’s most successful productivity applications built for the enterprise with a consistent interface for integrated business processes and automated data entry. The value lies in the customer's ability to simplify its’ integrated processes based on a specific department using certain applications rather than continuing the development of siloed information throughout the company. With Zoho One, all users get access to the suite of tools so they can optimize both the employee and customer experience through collaboration.

After seven years of servicing the Mid-Market and Enterprise space and building solutions to overcome some of the scalability needs they face, Cloudbakers sees Zoho One as an impactful tool for any organization who is struggling to find value in disjointed teams and data silos. “I’ve been working with Zoho for over 5 years, following hundreds of product updates and maintaining hundreds of separate Zoho Instances. This is by far one of their largest releases and is easily the biggest value add yet to their customers, not to mention to the CRM marketplace,” says Shaun Banta, CRM Expert for Cloudbakers, “It’s an exciting time to have the privilege of working with the Zoho team while supporting Cloudbakers’ mission: connecting with people and contributing to their purpose.”

As Kristin Lichtenauer, Chief Results Officer of FuelVM, puts it, “With the introduction of Zoho One, we have been able to utilize even more Zoho tools. The integrated implementation of Zoho One’s comprehensive sales, productivity, and organizational and intelligence tools has streamlined operations. It has reduced redundancy, improved efficiency, and communication among mobile and remote team members. Our partner, Cloudbakers, has provided invaluable leadership and support to customize the system to our specific needs and help us take advantage of the powerful reporting tools. I absolutely recommend Zoho One to any organization looking to consolidate disparate tools and bring structure to an unstructured environment. Zoho One saves time, money and most importantly empowers team members to succeed.”

More information on Zoho One, how to purchase and/or implement, and best practices on integrating the tool into your cloud strategy, contact Cloudbakers.

About Cloudbakers
Cloudbakers is a privately-held cloud services company that transforms mid-market and Enterprise organizations by planning their cloud strategy, deploying solutions, and adopting new technologies through a customized change management program. As Zoho’s Preferred Premier Enterprise Partner, Cloudbakers’ expertise in Zoho configuration guarantees clients a seamless and successful Zoho implementation.

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