4G Telecom Europe Market 2017 - Current and Future Plans

4G Telecom Europe Market 2017 - Identify Opportunities and Challenges

PUNE, INDIA, July 18, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Summary
Availability and penetration of 4G mobile services are disparately distributed among the Western Europe (WE) and the Central Eastern Europe (CEE). For instance where Western European countries such as Denmark and the Netherlands boast high 4G penetration, Ukraine is yet to see commercial launch of 4G. Researcher expects that 4G will be the fastest growing mobile technology in the region with an expected CAGR of 20.8% over 2016-21. Though demand of 4G is surging on account of growing usage of music and video streaming services, deployments of M2M/IoT, proliferation of connected devices and introduction of Smart cities, however, operators are facing challenges like shortage of spectrum, high cost of deployment and regulatory conditions. This has led to governments to look for refarming of spectrum to ensure optimal use. France and Germany already have authorized use of 700MHz band for mobile data, which was earlier used for broadcasting for wireless broadband. Operators in Europe have been selecting a variety of commercialization strategies taking into account client segmentation, competitors’ pricing strategies, promotional campaigns along with optimal use of distribution networks.

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‘4G Commercial Strategies in Europe: Telcos focus on large data bundles and converged offerings to monetize 4G indirectly’, a new Telecom Insider Report offers a thorough study of the 4G commercialization strategies of mobile operators in the European region. The report analyses the strategies pertaining to - products, pricing, promotion and distribution.

The report consists of the following sections -
- Introduction- This section briefly examines overview of 4G market trends in Europe highlighting adoption, smartphone sales and frequency spectrum usage.
- 4G Commercial Strategies Overview - This section explains the customer segmentation and examines the strategies followed by operators for 4G products, pricing, promotional and distribution to increase the monetization of 4G services.
- Case studies- We continue with a review of the strategies that leading telecom companies - EE UK, DT Germany, Orange Poland and RCS&RDS Romania - have been following to create profitable growth among growing competition.
- Key findings and recommendations- We conclude the report with a summary of key findings and a set of recommendations for telecom operators and network vendors.

- 4G has become the fastest growing mobile technology in Europe, driven by expanding LTE coverage, proliferation of 4G-enabled connected devices, increasing use of data centric music and video streaming services and expansion into the M2M/IoT arena along with the deployment of smart cities.
- Total 4G mobile subscriptions in Europe to increase at a CAGR of 20.8% between 2016 and 2021 boasting 53.7% share of total mobile subscriptions.
- European operators adopt commercialization strategies for their 4G services based upon market demographics for customer segmentation, suitable devices, appropriate pricing strategies and promotional campaigns to raise awareness and optimal use of distribution networks
- Operators in the region are increasingly focusing upon converged offerings aimed at reducing churn and increasing 4G adoption. The strategy also helps penetrating the residential segment more effectively.

Reasons to buy
- The insider report examines the 4G strategies of European mobile operators to increase monetization. The report also provides analysis of various strategies adopted for product differentiation, pricing, distribution and promotion of 4G services.
- The insights in the report will help executives build proactive and profitable growth strategies through analysis of the strategies adopted by mobile operators, competitive environment and best practices of the MNOs.
- The case studies focus on current strategies pertaining to product, pricing, promotion and distribution for the major four MNOs in the region. The analysis can be beneficial to local players or prospective market entrants.
- By understanding of the competitive landscape, MNOs can strengthen their market positioning and competitiveness.
- With a total of 30 Exhibits, the report is designed for an executive-level audience, boasting presentation quality.

Table of Content: Key Points
Table of contents
List of exhibits
Executive summary

Section 1: Introduction
Mobile subscriptions by technology in Europe
4G market trend in Europe
Smartphone sales in Europe
Frequency spectrum and 4G in Europe
Mobile 4G service availability across Europe

Section 2: 4G commercial strategies overview
Customer segmentation

Section 3: Case studies
DT Germany
Orange Poland
RCS&RDS Romania

Key Findings and Recommendations
Acronyms and definitions
About the authors


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