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An Islamic Reformation is Needed

Wealthy business leaders, humanitarians, media news outlets, government agencies and people world-wide need to join together to reform the Islamic religion.

If the QURAN is NOT revised, Islamic terrorism will always exist.”
— Nicholas P. Ginex
FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 20, 2017 / -- A perceptive writer on religion and philosophy, Nicholas Ginex appeals to people world-wide to support a Reformation Movement of the Islamic religion.

To accomplish such a challenging movement, people must know WHY and HOW Islamic terrorism can be STOPPED. All wealthy business leaders, humanitarians, media news outlets in America, and people around the world must spread a powerful communication message that an Islamic Reformation is needed NOW!

This reformation effort aims to educate and inform people WHY Islam is a danger to people in all countries and WHY the Qur’an must be revised. Key for successful implementation of these objectives is to UNDERSTAND the PROBLEM by reading "Allah, We, Our and Us."

The song, Sounds of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel emphasizes the need to read >>Allah, We, Our and Us<< and understand Why the Qur’an must be revised.

>>> Islam Religious Reformation Implementation <<<

To STOP Islamic expansion that forges forward with hatred, bigotry, violence and murder is to 'Revise the Qur’an.' But HOW can this Reformation Movement be successfully implemented peacefully without causing World War III?

The Islamic Reformation will require the resources of wealthy businessmen and women, and humanitarians that will purchase large quantities of >>Allah, We, Our and Us<< and have it distributed to all educational institutions and government organizations in America and many countries. The objective is to inform Muslims and people world-wide about the dangers of Islam and have them “see” the need to 'Revise the Qur’an.'

This Press Release introduces you, the CIA, FBI, wealthy business leaders and humanitarians to the article titled, "Need for an Islamic Reformation" for use to fight counter-terrorism. It explains WHY and HOW Islamic terrorism can be STOPPED and resides on the website

Counter-intelligence agencies, such as the CIA and FBI, can effectively defeat Islamic propaganda efforts by publicizing and promoting people to read historical and factual information in >>Allah, We, Our and Us<<. National news media in the U.S. and counter-intelligence agencies must be proactive in supporting the Islamic Religious Reformation by encouraging their personnel to use the book, and this post, to advance counter-measures against Islamic propaganda that incites terrorism.

As the author, any profits from the sale of the book will go towards the Islamic Reformation Movement. This book is available in book stores and can be read on-line by clicking FREE READ.

Success of the Islamic Reformation depends on all people world-wide to communicate this noble effort. There is no one organization but all of us to pressure Muslim religious leaders and scholars to 'Revise the Qur’an.' We can no longer afford to be silent and passive as an Islamic cancer continues to infect the lives of our young and older citizens.

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