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Nicholas Ginex - Perceptive Writer of Our Time

Nicholas Ginex reaches out to enlighten people with perceptive thoughts on religion, philosophy, God, the universe and politics.

Nicholas Ginex is a valuable author, scholar and philosopher.”
— Dr. Ahreeman, Founder of IPC
FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 21, 2017 / -- FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, – To gain appreciation of the writing ability of Nicholas Ginex, it is recommended you read a scholarly resource he wrote on religion. You may access it by clicking on:

Provide History of Religion and God.

Educators at every level of classroom instruction who teach about the development of religions are encouraged to evaluate this resource and present it to their students.

Nicholas first book, >>Future of God Amen<<, provides a history of how Africans along the Nile River of Egypt conceived one-universal God and how their beliefs were emulated by the Judaic, Christian, and Islamic religions. The scholarly resource cited above provides an illustrative overview of the thousands of years whereby the scriptures of the major religions developed; and why today, we still announce the revered word Amen.

For brief overviews and book reviews of six books by Nicholas, go to his website:

Three books have been placed on the Iran Politics Club (IPC) website developed and administered by Dr. Ahreeman, a Ph.D. professor at a California University. Born in Iran of Persian heritage, he is dedicated to preserving the works of many of the greatest Persian writers, inventors, painters, poets, and philosophers. Dr. Ahreeman authors up-to-date information about American politics and informs people around the world of the injustices and abuses of the Theocratic Islamic religion. The three books hosted on his website are:

Future of God Amen

Allah, We, Our and Us

Obama, Islam and Benghazi

In addition to the above books, Dr. Ahreeman has posted many of Nicholas’ articles on the IPC website. A brief biography and list of Ginex' books and articles may accessed by clicking on:

Nicholas Ginex Index.

An American citizen, Dr. Ahreeman has been a revolutionary since his teen years in Iran to support opposition against the Islamic Republic of Iran, the major sponsor of Islamist Terrorism around the globe. Founder of the IPC website and a gifted author, he informs the American people that Islam is a threat to our multifaceted culture, laws, and way of life. The U.S. liberal media has been reluctant to expose the Islamic threat because of the foolish policy to be Politically Correct; a policy that places a veil of ignorance over the attainment of knowledge.

Dr. Ahreeman’s IPC website is the largest Iranian website world over. An honor and privilege to be celebrated on his website, we both share the same objective:

>>> To inform and educate people around the world so that they are able to discern the truth about organizational-establishment views and to be aware of deceptive lies that political leaders and the media-establishment promotes to establish power and control of their lives. <<<

The intent of this Press Release is to introduce the American public and people around the world of Ginex books and articles. There are many book reviews presented on the Nicholas Ginex website cited above. They offer verification of the depth and quality of perceptive thought that he brings to the reader. Hopefully this Press Release will encourage readers to investigate and evaluate Ginex’s literary works. To interest readers, a few complimentary paragraphs of the books introduced above are presented.

>>Future of God Amen<< Review by Professor Ahreeman

I strongly recommend the reading of this wonderful historical and philosophical book to all. This book is an exciting travel through the history of Religion, Egyptology, Theology, Science and Philosophy. This book makes you seek for more knowledge and it surely makes you think about the “Big Picture”. Reading of this book expands your philosophical views and turns you on to some new views about the world and philosophical aspects of life.

Now, this valuable book by Nicholas Ginex is available for free to read online. Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. Let’s travel with Ginex through new horizons.


>>Allah, We, Our and Us<< Review by Professor Ahreeman

Nicholas Ginex is a valuable author, scholar and philosopher. His writings are enlightening and informing to the open minds. His views are about universal love and peace for the mankind and all creatures throughout the universe. Reading Ginex books are essential for the philosophy, history and science buffs and enthusiasts.

Ginex is an explorer in time and space, travelling with the warp speed throughout the universe, seeking for the truth of the universe. Can you catch up with Ginex? The only way you can, is if you have an open mind!

Allah, We, Our and Us, the most controversial book of Nicolas Ginex is now available online for free exclusively in IPC “Iran Online Library”, the largest Iranian online library in the world. Take advantage of this opportunity, read it, inform and enlighten yourselves.

>>Obama, Islam and Benghazi<< Review by Professor Ahreeman

Ginex is a valuable philosopher, Egyptologist, scholar, author, and a scientific person. Inside IPC, he needs no introduction and outside IPC, all you need to know is that he is a true American Patriot, Concerned Global Citizen and a Lovely Humanitarian. Ginex is well educated and radically logical. Ginex seeks the truth, exposes corruption and offers solutions. His writings are strongly recommended to read.

This is one of Ginex’s most controversial books. Ginex bravely exposes the corrupt Obama – Clinton cover-ups, lies and treacheries. Ginex digs deep in to the Obama – Clinton’s Benghazi cover-up, political lies and incompetent administration.

Once you read this book, you will get a better understanding on why Hillary desperately lies and tries to cover-up her crimes in her e-mailgate where she covered up her mischief exposing top secret e-mails for everyone’s eyes and specifically for Chinese, Russian and Iranian hackers to read and inform themselves about!

Dr. X (Ahreeman)

To end this Press Release, one article that may get you to think about the beginning of our Universe is recommended. It is provided on the IPC website cited above under the title, >>Does Consciousness Pervade the Universe?<<

Enjoy the books and articles and if found to be worthwhile, introduce them to other people. Knowledge is a wonderful gift.

Nicholas Ginex
Legacy of a Father
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