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Thomas Delor’s EcoTraineR allows instant Eco-Driving, whille the US Dept. “TIPS” are not easy to implement.

Can be Mounted in minutes in the driver's periphery vision

Shown dashboard mounting

Until now, the vehicle's inertia was invisible thus the driver could not manage it properly

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"It's not what America can do for you, it's what you can do for America" "Our goal is clean air and clean water".”
— JFK, Pdt Donald Trump
SUGAR HILL, GEORGIA, USA, June 23, 2017 / -- For Immediate Release

A Ford Survey Reveals How Eco-Driving Can Cut Up to 25 Percent Off Your Fuel Bill:

“Eco-driving not only saves you fuel and money, but it also benefits the environment and can make our roads safer for everyone."

The EcoTraineR is a new car instrument indicating when a vehicle has the momentum to move on its own without using fuel. It is small, alike a GPS and can be mounted on your dashboard or windshield in minutes

The US Dept. of Energy educated drivers by offering a list of what “to do” and what “not to do” to save fuel. But the problem is that drivers cannot “see” the inertia and cannot enjoy their car’s comfort with a relaxing driving. Thinking about what to do and not do is stressful and drivers do not want to drive and taking a “quiz”. In all fairness, the automakers’ showing the pressure of the vacuum line with a pressure gauge tried to help drivers before the invention of the EcoTraineR. It's something of the past and the use of a pressure gauge was only an indication of the air-fuel- carburetor suction ratio. Only the EcoTraineR invention shows true inertia reacting by analyzing every possible outside opposing force such as a flattened tire, front wind, excess weight, unnecessary use of the cruise control, etc.

It is now possible to adjust the vehicle’s inertia for ultimate performance by following the device indication by adjusting the gas pedal.

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