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Where Does American Heart Association's Heart Lie - A Question from the Coconut Industry

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An Open "Heart" Letter to Dr Frank Sacks of Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Expressing Humanitarian Concern

METRO MANILA, PHILIPPINES, June 22, 2017 / -- Dear Dr Frank Sachs

On June 15th 2017 , the American Heart Heart Association released a Presidential Advisory to the American population guiding them to replace Saturated Fat with Polyunsaturated Vegetable Oils as a recipe to reducing the risk of Cardiovascular Disease by 30%. The Advisory , which mentions you as the Lead Author , clearly states that Coconut Oil has been found to raise LDL Cholesterol and the intake of Saturated Fats should be reduced from 10% to 5% .

Sir, you sit in a position of great authority and along with that you carry great responsibility not only to the American people but also to the World which is largely influenced by American Dietary Guildelines and Lifestyle ! You are a member of USA's Public Policy decision makers for the entire nation in the areas of Nutrition, Cholesterol Disorders , Hypertension and Cardiovascular Disease .

We feel extremely concerned that at the rapid escalation of Cardiovascular loss of lives in USA which is now estimated at about 600,000 lives in 2015 followed by Cancer at similar numbers. A large population of Americans are already obese with a rapidly growing trendline . The American population contunies ageing with the fear of Alzheimer's Disease becoming a full blown issue in the next decade . The cost of Healthcare is already in excess of USD 3 trillion with a GDP of USD 18 trillion currently at 16% of GDP, this is expected to climb to almost 30% of GDP by 2030 .

The numbers are staggering & frightening , sitting thousands of miles away we shudder to imagine the future !

The purpose of writing to you as a responsible Global Citizen is to bring to your attention the American Dietary Guidelines are Flawed ( since 1980 ) and are a guaranteed recipe for disater !!

As a Social Enterprise Business by the name of Coco Veda in The Philippines it is our Moral Responsibility to draw your attention to the Voices of Millions of Coconut Farmers & their Families in Asia , Africa & the Pacific Islands - many of them continue to live their lives below poverty levels .

The Presidential Advisory to which you have lent your voice and credentials, also influences the minds of millions of consumers who are now reading headlines such as " Coconut Oil as Unhealthy as Beef Fat & Butter - according to US Experts "

There are many experts outside your Organisation who are equally concerned with the approach of Dietary Guidelines in USA, we wish to humbly draw your attention to the following >

1. The term Coconut Oil per se is a Generic Word and does not differentiate between Refined Coconut Cooking Oil and Unrefined Organic Healthy Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil

2.Gary Taubes is an Investigative Science & Health multiple award winning Americam Journalist , name I'm sure you are familiar with . Here's his reposnse to your Advisory >

3. Dr Mark Hyman whose name needs no introduction has released this blog article in April 2016 >

4. Dr Barbara H. Roberts who has been practising Cardiology since 1977 in Providence USA has responded rather critically to your Advisory Release, she has a large following on Social Media >

5. Diana Rogers a Licensed Registered Dietitian Nutritionist & Nutritional Therapy Practitioner near Boston has released a rebuttal >

6. Dr Mary Newport in Tampa Florida is another well known Medical Professional who has the trust of many American people for the good work she has dedicated her life to >

7. Dr. Fabian M. Dayrit is a full-professor at the Department of Chemistry, Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines

He is the chair of the Scientific Advisory Committee for Health of the Asian and Pacific Coconut Community (APCC) an intergovernmental agency of 18 coconut producing countries which was established by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UN-ESCAP) in 1969.

He has published a number of research papers on Virgin Coconut Oil in the Philippine Journal of Science, Journal of the American Oil Chemists Society, Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry. In 2013, he wrote the popular book: “Coconut Oil: From Diet to Therapy.”

He has drafted a detailed response to the Advisory Released by AHA >

8. Dr Bruce Fife who also needs no introduction after having published 20 books on Coconut Oil has written personally to the President of United Coconut Association of The Philippines - Mr. Dean Lao, Jr. as follows >

The AMA (AHA) report is pure garbage, written specifically to denounce coconut oil using deceptive tactics. There is nothing new here, it is the same old argument that saturated fats raise cholesterol and the evil cholesterol is going to kill you...

We could go on & on , but thats not the point here .

Hopefully you can review this matter and will take corrective action to retract & withdraw the negative statement on Coconut Oil with an apology to the Coconut Farmers . Virgin Coconut Oil is Mother Nature's Gift to Humanity , lets all Treasure & Cherish it .

We have Faith that you will take stock & Act Wisely in the larger interest of the American People and Humanity .

Thanking You
Yours Sincerely

Raj Singh @ RS
Coco Veda Natural Products Inc.
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