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For $39.99 our U.S. Patented EcoTraineR tool will make your vehicle up to 100% more efficient

There is no installation

shown mounted on your dashboard

Eco-driving following the EcoTraineR's indication is secure and enjoyable

green technology Innovations inc. (NASDAQ:n/a)

It's not what America can do for you, it's what you can do for America”
SUGAR HILL, GEORGIA, USA, June 19, 2017 / --
"Automakers are on track to virtually eliminate smog-forming emissions from passenger vehicles in the next decade — even with more cars on our roads and people traveling more miles. By 2030, passenger cars will contribute only about 1% of ozone emissions from all sources of smog. And, as more customers buy new vehicles with advanced emissions control systems, we will progress even faster".
To accomplish the above, it would be necessary to replace any of the 249,000,000 registered existing vehicles running on the U.S. roads today with more efficient ones, hybrids, or electricals. This will take a huge effort and not everyone can afford it. Our leaders are inviting you to respond to JFK’s inaugural address that “it’s not what America can do for you, it’s what you can do for America”.
And once again Americans will lead the 21st Century revolution for clean air through energy conservation.

An immediate, durable and affordable solution for everyone’s is to add the EcoTraineR instrument to your vehicle allowing instant eco-driving and hypermiling.

** This 90-day one-time limited offer ends on 9/25/2017 (use "Coupon 901"). We will ship you the EcoTraineR during our National launching for only $39.99 up-front (plus S&H and sales tax if applicable) and 12 monthly recurring charges of $19.99 each or one lump sum of $199.00 during the ordering process (offset by the fuel you will save at the pump).
Contact: Thomas Delor CEO @ 1-800-TOM-DELOR or 678-580-9284 (Coupon 901) or
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