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Farm released audio clip, claim responsibility for recent events

In a 2-minute long audio clip Fraser Valley Hop Farms Inc has outlined recent events & accomplishments. Released on Friday, the farm claimed responsibility.

SEA BIRD ISLAND, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, June 16, 2017 / -- Development initiatives have been taken that call for the use of heavy equipment. The Track Man Lift has allowed the 6 man crew at Fraser Valley Hop Farms to attach air craft grade industrial string.

The string installed on Fraser Valley Hop Farms 130 Acre is used to support the overall structure. This means the amount of string combined with the string gauge is a variable. During feasibility studies conducted prior to construction, a simple chart has been devised to show suggested string requirements.

For example: A growing row 200 feet long and 55 plans gives us a maximum weight of 2,000lbs. In this case, 5/32 gauge cable and above would be recommended. The length of the row is the key factor in deciding what cables are appropriate to use.

Audio Conversation Transcribed And Quoted:

Shane: Hey Buddy

John: Hey Shane, I was just giving you a call to update you on the farm.

Shane: Sure, yeah what’s going on

John: So for the last couple of days we’ve been laying the cable for the structure. And I’ve had some guys out with the hydraulic man lift.

Shane: How many guys did we have out today and yesterday?

John: Um, 5 plus me.

Shane: Okay, perfect, nice.

John: So we had guys winching in the anchor cables. And we’ve got another crew going around with the man lift tapering the cables to the top of the polls. And that will give us the structure and support that we need. And then on top of that we’re putting a thinner grade wire, which is called a “string wire” this all air craft grade. From that the strings will hand and the hop plants will climb up.

Shane: yeah, I was looking at the pictures today and i saw the machine there, I’m not sure what it’s called. But it was lifting you guys up like a telephone operator.

John: Exactly so it’s called a track man lift. So it’s all hydraulic. Just an engine and everything runs off that pump. Pretty slow bu

Shane: Well that’s exciting. So how many strings can we get up in 1 day / 1 work shift.

John: Strings are pretty quick. The anchors we can do an entire row in a morning with a 2 man crew. If we had a 4 man crew we could do the entire field in a day. But we got our other 3 guys sapling and setting up the wires.

Shane: Well that’s awesome. Thanks for the update.. I’ll put something together and post it on the website.

The farm plans to expand past 130 acres in 2018 and 2019 to an impressive commercial scale. Short-term goal is to make the farm an economic success for the initial harvest. High quality production is a core value that every farm should or business should embrace. Advancements in technology has allowed for smart farming sensors, real time reporting, innovative tools, software and applications.

These instruments are embraced to create a new standard of performance metrics. The public will soon be able to gain access on the newly created secure portal:

The company is planning to achieve social value and relevance with state-of-the-art elements combined with the tried and true farming methods passed down from generation to generation. The operation cultivates a euphoria sense of success. Sustainable farming procedures have been implemented to add value for the environment, local economy and those working with the farm.

To hear the full audio call recording of John Jenkinson & Shane Toews please visit:

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