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The EcoTraineR developed by Thomas Delor Receives a U.S. Patent. It is the "Alternative" to the Paris Climate-Agreement

The EcoTraineR allows any driver of any car to drive efficiently (ecodrive) instantly

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SUGAR HILL, GEORGIA / 30518, USA, June 7, 2017 / -- Shown mounted on the dashboard in the driver's peripheral vision. Other regions can be used as long as the EcoTraineR is attached and moves with the vehicle.

The EcoTraineR is a small device. It can be mounted on the dashboard, windshield or anywhere else to provide the driver a visual indication of the vehicle’s inherent inertia as it builds-up (F=MA)*. This will allow the driver to efficiently use the gas pedal for optimum performance i.e., fuel saving, reducing CO2 emission, etc... *see

Developer Thomas Delor said: "God willing, my invention will be mass-produced here in the U.S under the label ‘MADE IN AMERICA' and distributed worldwide to equip any of the one billion existing cars." He explains further: "My school-teacher daughter told me that if she could see her car's inertia, she would be able to eco-drive to save fuel and protect the environment" added retired engineer Thomas Delor. Two years later, the EcoTraineR was invented allowing instant eco-driving any car by anyone following the visual indications (green or red).

The Alliance of Automobiles Manufacturer's ( grouping Mercedes, Jaguar, Volkswagen, Ford, FCA, Volvo, GM, BMW group, Mazda, Mitsubishi motor, Porsche, Toyota and Land Rover, is endorsing ‘efficient-driving’ a.k.a. eco-driving as: "producing the highest mileage from every single vehicle, regardless of vehicle size and age, so it offers an unmatched reach in addressing energy and climate change issues by potentially affecting the world's one billion of automobiles."

The U.S. Department of Energy is endorsing efficient-driving as saving fuel, helping the climate change, managing oil dependency and sustainability.

The search engine Goggle publishes links to about 6,500 published articles on "eco-driving".
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