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OpticsFast Vintage Eyeglass Restoration Shakes Up an Industry

OpticsFast Vintage Eyeglass Reviews and Refurbishing

OpticsFast Vintage Eyeglass Reviews and Refurbishing

Ernest Hemingway Wearing Vintage Glasses

Old School Cool Like Ernest Hemingway Is Driving Interest In vintage Glasses

Vintage eye wear is cool and in demand among collectors. New sunglasses and eyeglasses lack the charm and quality craftsmanship and materials found in vintage

Many vintage glasses are made with outlawed materials like turtle shell and ivory. They are illegal to make now so old pairs are really valuable.”
— Daniel Smock
BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, June 5, 2017 / -- Of course it started in Brooklyn! Vintage eyewear is all the rage and has become the new ultra hip accessory for the fashion setters and collectors alike. The craze has spawned a fast growing business of purchasing interesting but often worn or damaged eyewear and having them professionally refurbished. The epicenter of the vintage eyewear market is Brooklyn's OpticsFast restoration lab, located right above their store.

Savvy shoppers scrutinize estate sales, flea markets, vintage shops and online stores like eBay looking for sunglasses and eyeglasses from another time. These glasses can often be bought for a few dollars, can be quickly refurbished by OpticsFast and resold at large profits. OpticsFast reviews pieces and provides expert analysis and advice including how best to refurbish a piece and how new to make it look. "Many vintage glasses are made with outlawed materials like turtle shell and ivory. They are illegal to make now so old pairs are really valuable." says Daniel Smock, an OpticsFast representative. OpticsFast points out that modern tortoiseshell glasses are usually a man made material like plastic colored to resemble tortoiseshell frames.

The eyewear industry looked considerably different before OpticsFast transformed the marketplace back in 2007. At that time the idea of repairing sunglasses and prescription eyewear was virtually unheard of. Since then they’ve created a new paradigm that has challenged other retailers to do better for their customers. Their stated mission is to “do everything possible to repair your broken glasses to save you from having to buy a brand new frame,” and that’s a concept that’s refreshing to hear in an industry that always claimed it wasn’t possible. "Sunglasses and eyeglasses are big business and a few large corporations want people to think they should buy new instead of repair" says Smock.

OpticsFast’s commitment to repairing any eyewear that can be repaired is part of their overall focus on a real choice for the consumer. The company has a 90% success ratio when it comes to repairing frames and lenses and that far exceeds the industry average. With two dedicated lab technicians and more than seventeen years of combined experience in the optometry industry they’re serious about their obligation to their customers.

They have a policy of performing all work in-house to consistently avoid the potential for loss or damage that is common among other online retailers. This model was developed after extensive consultations with their existing customers and they continue to actively seek out the opinions of new customers. They also offer one of the best warranties in the business and a price match guarantee that has positioned them as one of the best online eyewear retailers world-wide.

OpticsFast is based in Brooklyn, New York, but they have a global reach with large numbers of clients in the United Kingdom and Australia. The company began as a traditional eyeglass and sunglass retailer before branching out in 2007 to include a full online repair service. With a commitment to providing their customers with a choice of both repair services as well as new eyewear purchases they have successfully positioned themselves as an industry leader.

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