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New Book Release - The Womb Rebellion

A Tale of Gynecological Resistance in the Antebellum South

I want readers to understand the power held by the presumed powerless, especially the power that women, even the most oppressed can hold, when they unite in pursuit of a common purpose.”
— p.w. long
PUNTA GORDA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, June 5, 2017 / -- The Womb Rebellion, by p.w long, is revolutionary in its ability to compel women to reflect on the importance of asserting their agency regarding the ownership of their bodies, minds, and spirits. The release of The Womb Rebellion on May 20th came shortly after the television release of The Handmaid’s Tale, a dystopian story based on the Margaret Atwood novel of the same name; and shortly before the widescreen release of Wonder Woman.

In this book, a community of enslaved women, inspired by a rebellious young female slave, and led by an enslaved midwife, engage in gynecological resistance to a system in which women were exploited as producers and reproducers.

The Womb Rebellion is the latest in the genre of books and movies related to slavery. It builds on the success of popular films such as “12 Years a Slave” and the best-selling book “The Underground Railroad”.

In writing this book, the author states: "I want readers to understand the power held by the presumed powerless, especially the power that women, even the most oppressed can hold, when they unite in pursuit of a common purpose." This is a debut novel for p.w. long. p.w. long is a pen name. She has written a young adult historical fiction book, and seven non-fiction books on topics ranging from self-help to education policy.

In The Womb Rebellion, the suicide of the rebellious enslaved Ruby changes both the slave quarters and the consciousness of the enslaved women; but mostly forces the enslaved midwife Pearl to face the moral dilemma involved in birthing children who will be condemned to a life of enslavement.

A peaceful Sunday morning on the Bellamy plantation is disrupted by the suicide of the rebellious Ruby, wife of the hated driver Sam. This event throws the plantation into chaos when the spirit of Ruby returns to produce havoc on the plantation. Ruby’s death most affects the midwife who has become her surrogate mother and who struggles with the requirements of the master and pull of her African roots. Pearl, the midwife, must come to terms with what it means to help birth children who will live their lives in bondage. Ruby’s courage and actions lead the women of the quarters in a resistance to producing more slaves for the plantation.

This book looks at the power of those presumed powerless; provides a glimpse into women’s secret knowledge as related to issues of women’s health; and appeals to all those interested in reading about the power of women, American history, and slavery. The Womb Rebellion, published by blue ocean press, is distributed by Ingram and is available in both paperback and e-book formats. It was released on May 20th and is available at brick & mortar bookstores, as well as online on sites such as Amazon and i-tunes.

In reading this novel, readers will join Pearl and the other women on the Bellamy Plantation in The Womb Rebellion, and experience the manifestation of collective Womb Power. p.w. long also facilitates Womb Power© Seminars & Retreats.

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