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OrientDB Announces Chinese Market Strategic Partnership with MiMe

MiMe helps companies understand advantages of Multi-model database

The power of a Distributed Graph Database engine with the flexibility of a Document Database all in one product.

OrientDB Ltd announces new partnership with MiMe, System Integrator and experts on fraud detection and real time financial solutions.

OrientDB has a wide range of uses in finance, such as anti-fraud, anti-money laundering, and CRM. As a multi-model NoSQL database, it's very easy to get started. OrientDB is a powerful tool...”
— Cui Jinyi
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, May 19, 2017 / -- OrientDB Ltd, pioneers of the multi-model database, is pleased to announce their new partnership with MiMe, the Shanghai based Chinese System Integrator and experts on fraud detection and real time financial solutions. MiMe has more than 600 employees across more than 100 cities in the Chinese territory.

“Even if OrientDB is already being used by some of the largest companies in China, we were looking for a local partner with a high-tech profile who can help us spread adoption of our multi-model and graph database in such a huge market,” commented Luca Garulli, Founder and CEO of OrientDB. ”Thanks to MiMe, we’re helping companies in China move from antiquated relational databases to a modern day, innovative database system.”

Companies with growing needs in terms of Big Data can smoothly migrate from legacy relational DBMS technology to OrientDB’s revolutionary multi-model technology by using Teleporter, a tool created by the OrientDB Lab’s team to automatically transform any relational database into a graph. Teleporter synchronisation can also work continuously in the background. This means relational and graph databases can finally coexist, with the RDBMS remaining the master and OrientDB serving as the synchronised replica. This allows companies to migrate to graph technology step by step, with legacy applications continuing to work with an RDBMS while new applications can be developed on top of OrientDB in order to take advantage of the rich feature set and lightning speed.

“Our goal has always been to make developers’ jobs easier. It’s incredible what you can do with your existent data once it’s converted into a graph,” continues Luca Garulli. “The main challenge with adopting graph technology is the requirement to let the old mindset go. Once developers start to think differently, visualising their world in dynamic 3D graphs instead of outdated flat tables, possibilities are endless. Our mission is not only to provide this powerful technology, but also to help developers switch from the old paradigm. I’m thrilled to see the high number of attendees at the first training class delivered by MiMe in Shanghai.”

About MiMe
MiMe specialises in financial solutions by developing Online application solutions, through MiMe's SDK, H5, APP, and Anti-fraud solutions, to provide real-time anti-fraud strategy, customer modeling of credit evaluation, and post-loan management solutions, including collection and credit risk management.

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About OrientDB
The native multi-model database combines the powers of graphs with documents, key value, object oriented and geospatial models while using a familiar SQL dialect. OrientDB’s graph/document technology has been used by companies such as Nuix and RTÉ Investigations Unit for forensic or investigative analysis. Fortune 500 companies, government entities and startups all use the technology to build large-scale innovative applications. Some of their clients include Accenture, Comcast, Ericsson, the United Nations, Verisign, Pitney Bowes, Sky, Diaku, CenturyLink and Sonatype.

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