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Revolutionary Internet Marketing Service is Designed to Give Small Business Owners an Edge Against Large Competitors

Our business model is unique. The majority of our clients are business-2-consumer services. This group give us a the ability to work in multiple industries, specializing in bringing them customers!”
— Janeene L. High, CEO

WYNNEWOOD, PA, USA, April 29, 2017 / -- Results Driven Marketing, LLC, an award-winning, premier digital marketing and advertising agency located in Center City Philadelphia, PA, announced today the release of the 6-Pack Press Pac™, a bold new press release and content marketing service that gives small business owners a price-competitive marketing tool that enhances website traffic versus large scale competitors.

Instead of paying thousands of dollars per month for onsite SEO and keyword reports, this package delivers content and links, directly driving traffic to a website. "For as little as a few hundred dollars per month, this proven service allows small businesses to compete with longer established businesses that spend thousands of dollars per month on digital advertising," said Mike Bannan, Managing Partner of Results Driven Marketing, LLC.

"We give you newsworthy content in the form of press releases," said Bannan, explaining how the service works. "That content enhances your website with links from authoritative domains. We promote the content on Social Media establishing engagement in the hub of what drives today's news. Moreover, we optimize every piece of content for the services relevant to customers that want to read about your business."

This formula takes the old style of press releases and updates it for the new modern age where people derive most of their news from social media shares. Bannan went on to explain that the 6-Pack Press Pac™ provides an enormous value with the results being scalable and extendable across multiple social sites and the main search engines.

The concept for this service was born nine months ago when RDM hosted its "Philly Small Business Summit," gathering together more than 40 local small business owners and marketing professionals to discuss strategies for growing a business through the internet. This event, part of the company's digital marketing education series Turning Clicks Into Clients® delved into a variety of topics including Email, PPC, SEO, and Social Media marketing. Google and Bing had representatives on hand to cover PPC as well as discuss future developments both Search Engine giants are planning for 2017 and beyond.

Most of the attendees agreed there was a strong need to conduct more extensive advertising online, taking advantage of digital marketing to enhance their business. However, many complained that prohibitive costs and inconsistent results made fully embracing internet marketing prohibitive.

Person after person asked why marketers could not develop a product that took some of the essential functions of search engine marketing and fuse them together into a low-cost package that can show measurable results. Return on investment and cost efficiency were top concerns for small business owners throughout the event.

The team at RDM took the feedback from the Summit and created a case study, researching the cost efficiency of its True-ROI™ philosophy in a small business environment. Six months of gathering data and testing their strategies, RDM conceived the 6-Pack Press Pac™, a unique blend of regularly updated content that includes many of the best practices for SEO, blogging and content control and distribution.

“The Summit allowed us to meet with business owners that wanted to advance their company’s products or services on the internet using a very cost-effective tool,” said Steve Myers Director of Search Optimization for RDM. “Additionally, it opened us up to a whole new group of clients where SEO will help them improve visibility to new potential customers," Myers said explaining the catalyst for the new service.

"The amazing part about the 6 Pack Press Pac™ is that as our customers use it and their business grows, RDM can grow with them”, Myers added.

The 6-Pack Press Pac™ is challenging the status quo that says you must spend serious money to be seriously involved in content marketing, Social Media, and SEO. “What this tool does is show the entire industry that when content is done right, it can be an economical means of acquiring new clients or customers. It fits right in with our Turning Clicks Into Clients culture and philosophy”, said Bannan.

The company shared the details of the package. It is content creation, management, and delivery that provides vast internet exposure; done in a way that delivers technical and advertising interactions with people looking to make a business-to-consumer purchase now or in the future. Specifically, it is:

• Six content pieces delivered on a set schedule of up to 6 months

• Measured statistics showing the progress of the SEO value

• Local or national presence. (Not tested Internationally)

• Facebook, LinkedIn, and other Social Media components

• Distribution network of tens-of-thousands of online services

• Relevant, strong backlinks across the nation

• Content targeted geographically for high visibility

• Content optimized for keyword visibility within the client’s industry

RDM plans to announce a full marketing strategy that correlates with other new services and said that core clients that sign on during the 6 Pack Press Pac™ release stage would receive bonus features that are normally add-on services of the base product.

Janeene High, CEO of Results Driven Marketing LLC was amazed at the results that the case study provided. “We saw huge gains in domain and page authority. Additionally, the test pieces provided backlinks that were not spammy and seriously improved the rankings of the test site." "The Domain Authority jumped by 9 points in less than one month," she noted. "Unfortunately, explaining that data to small business owners can be challenging because of how opaque search engine rankings are these days."

For this class of business owner, new clients are the only metric that they care about and we agree. That is why RDM focuses on Turning Clicks Into Clients versus other traditionally monitored metrics, like impressions and abandonments.

"And this is why we designed the 6 Pack Press Pac," High continued. "It goes beyond impressions and shows business owners a direct line from content creation to new client acquisition."

Results Driven Marketing, LLC is a privately held concern that was recently awarded “Top Digital Agency” status in Philadelphia by the rating firm In January of 2017, the United States Patent and Trademark Office awarded RDM with the exclusive trademark: Turning Clicks into Clients®

The RDM business model is to work with B2C clients that are looking for immediate acquisition of new clients. RDM’s client persona requires that its client’s businesses must be looking for phone calls from prospective clients/customers to schedule services during that call!

RDM’s clients consist of Attorneys/Lawyers who own Law Firms, Health Care Companies, installation companies, small manufacturers, in-home healthcare franchises, along with professionals like CPA’s and bookkeeping firms to name a few.

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