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PayPal makes "false accusation" against established 10 year merchant with clean record and freezes £45,000

SLF™ the revolutionary new Scientific Longevity Formula™

The Longevity Revolution ™

The Longevity Revolution ™

No appeal, discussion or response from PayPal senior management. A SERIOUS WARNING TO ALL PAYPAL MERCHANTS

Science Fiction is now Science Fact!”
— Tony Mackenzie - Founder

WORLDWIDE, WORLDWIDE, WORLDWIDE, April 22, 2017 / -- Further to earlier press releases there has been no response to further emails of complaint sent to PayPal and the Longevity Revolution are now looking for legal redress to the situation. The history of this issue is as follows:

Honest Altruistic Longevity Pioneer kicked off PayPal is believed to be "back door censorship" of vital information

Internet forums show how PayPal close down honest merchants worldwide and freeze their assets without notice, discussion, or appeal.
Tony Mackenzie is a n established pioneer of 40 years research of real anti aging science at a cellular level and promotes, under the name of The Longevity Revolution research club, the latest scientifically researched longevity supplements and science confirmed by Nobel prize winners.

The business does not make any claims and only supplies to their worldwide members who have declared an interest in researching cutting edge natural supplements identified by leading scientists in the field. Ordinary members of the public are not supplied. The growing global membership now includes progressive medical practitioners and University research departments.

So after running his present PayPal account satisfactorily for the last 10 years without any chargebacks, Tony was extremely shocked to receive an email from PayPal on 16th February 2017 falsely accusing him of selling either illegal prescription drugs or dangerous drugs. His account was suspended without any discussion and £44,000 sitting in his account was frozen.

As a long time loyal and honest customer of PayPal he felt certain that a mistake had been made and informed them accordingly only to receive a reply from PayPal that under their terms and conditions they were entitled to do what they like without any further explanation.

On searching the Internet he found hundreds of examples of similar stories from other respectable PayPal merchants who have suffered similar fates and had their businesses effectively closed down arbitrarily and without warning. He sees this as a warning to deter other such merchants from joining up to their service in the first place.

He has since sent a letter of complaint to PayPal senior management about their action which has shut down a significant part of their online operation from online platforms. A final appeal was responded to by PayPal in a negative and cursory manner confirming the freezing of the account with no appeal possible.

The final appeal to PayPal reads as follows:-

email to Paypal
For the urgent attention of SENIOR MANAGEMENT

I still believe you have made a serious and gross error in this matter and as a loyal and honest PayPal customer since your company was formed I am not only aggrieved but insulted by the accusations falsely made against me and my business.

Most of the products we supply are now also being sold worldwide by many other PayPal merchants.

I believe you may have misidentified some of our products in error and I am happy to provide full information of any items you don't properly understand.

Furthermore the sum you are witholding from me totalling over £44,000 is totally disproportionate to our monthly turnover. I left this amount in the account because naievely I had faith in the integrity of your company.

Please review the information below of myself and my business.


Anthony Mackenzie

Information about Anthony Mackenzie
born 5-6-1948
Founder of The Longevity Revolution

Has been a loyal customer of PayPal since PayPal was first founded and has always been willing to co-operate with them. Fraudulent emails bearing the name of PayPal have regularly been reported to them over the years.

He has always fully co-operated over any customer disputes and believes in openess, fairlplay and honesty.

He holds a Phd., is a Fellow of the Institute of Sales and Marketing managementand has a diploma in philosophy.

A few years ago, in connection with his work in the cutting edge researh into longevity at a cellular level he was given a plaque and certificate of a LIFETIME ACHIEVMENT AWARD signed by Mr Donald Trump, now the President of the USA.

He is a member of the following professional bodies:-

The British Longevity Society
Alliance for Natural Health (UK)
International Longevity Alliance
Longecity & Immortality Institute
Methuselah Foundation funding contributor & member "300" club
National Health Federation (USA and International)
The Anti-Aging Professional Network

The Longevity Revolution

A statement of fact

The Longevity Revolution is a business that operates with a philosophy of altruistic intent for the spread of truth and knowledge for the betterment of mankind generally.

All the products are supplied only to members who express interest in and share research into the scientific background of longevity research going back 40 years or more. It follows and studies the work of advanced longvity scientists and Nobel prize winners.

None of the research products are sold to the general public.

None of the research products are illegal drugs or prescription drugs.

None of the products are toxic and are all specifically scientifically researched as natural and gentle products found in nature.

Being natural products none have legal entitlement to being patented in most western countries under the latest legislation.

All the products have been found by the cutting edge scientific research of leading scientists to offer SUPPLEMENTATION for diets that may be deficient in nutrients essential to cells at the level of DNA, telomeres, mitochondria, etc.

None of the products are offered as medical products nor are they described as offering to mitigate, prevent or cure any disease.

The medical profession does not recognise aging as a disease.

Members avail themselves of products at or bulk buyers can join at https://www.21stcenturyalternatives,com/ocart/resellers

The business operates online TV channels at with over 300 informative videos

International translations are being put into place for all their shops and a dedicated Chinese shop in traditional and Simplified Chinese has already been launched in beta mode at which delivers to mainland China.

Tony Mackenzie
The Longevity Revolution™
email us here

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