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Baseball Training Academy Celebrates 25th Year


Jeff Pinkman, John Pinkman with college flags representing where their athletes play ball.


Pat Pinkman teaching left-handed pitching mechanics


Pinkman athletes working out.

Northern Virginia based School Now Offers Virtual Training

While training our athletes in professional techniques and strategy, we strive to impart leadership qualities that will serve them well throughout life.”
— Jeff Pinkman

STERLING, VIRGINIA, USA, March 29, 2017 / -- As Major League Baseball warms up for their season opening, the Pinkman Baseball Academy is entering its 25th year as a nationally recognized training facility. Pinkman is known for its pitching and hitting instruction of hundreds of students, many of whom have gone on to play college baseball, and more than a dozen who went on to play professional baseball in the Major and Minor Leagues.

Since 1992, the Pinkman team has logged 30,000 hours teaching lessons, including over 1000 lessons a year since 2000. They teach in a 10,000 square-feet facility in Sterling, Virginia and offer Pinkman On Demand, an enterprise grade platform smartphone app to remotely work with players around the country. Baseball and Softball players can send video for analysis and view practice drills.

John Pinkman, founder, is also in his 35th year as a coach. While Pinkman played baseball in college, his interest in baseball as a career began when his young son, Jeff, showed promise on the Little League field. His second son, Pat, was also an avid player. Both went on to play college baseball, while John turned his coaching into the Pinkman Academy. Upon graduation, both Jeff and Pat returned to work alongside their father sharing their skills with younger players. Now, Pat is an assistant coach with Fordham University and Jeff is president of Pinkman Academy.

"While training our athletes in professional techniques and strategy, we strive to impart leadership qualities that will serve them well throughout life," says Jeff Pinkman.

Pinkman Academy has trained over 250 players who went on to play college ball. Among the colleges where Pinkman graduates played: Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, Brown, MIT University of North Carolina, George Washington, University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, William and Mary, LaSalle, Lafayette, West Virginia, Florida, and Elon.

Major League players who developed their talent with Pinkman’s help include: Mike Elias, now Assistant General Manager of the Houston Astros, Adam Warren of the Yankees, Paul Clemens of the Padres, John Maine of the Mets and Mike Schwimmer of the Phillies.

Minor League players who spent time in the Pinkman training academy include: Evan Frederickson of the Brewers, Adam Gardner of the Giants, Joe Foote of the Twins, Alec Grosser of the Dodgers, John Link of the Padres, Tommy Bell of the Marlins, Jay Sborz of the Tigers, and Kevin Landry of the Orioles.

The mission of the Pinkman Academy is to provide professional baseball and softball instruction throughout the DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia area and virtually using an iOS device. Pinkman offers premium athletic instruction for all students targeting individual needs, regardless of their current skill level. Players come to Pinkman to be assessed and to develop their physical, mental, and emotional prowess. Pinkman is located at 21598 Atlantic Blvd #130, Sterling, Virgina. Call 703-661-8586 or visit Find Pinkman in Facebook or Twitter @pinkmanacademy. Schedule an appointment online at

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