Medical experts, drug prevention groups and parents strongly oppose push to commercialize THC

Experts Cite Mental Health and Public Safety Concerns

FAIRFAX, VA, UNITED STATES, March 10, 2022 / -- Virginia Allies Evaluating Drug Legislation continue to dispel the notion that Virginia can regulate the illicit THC market to ensure safe access. The inability of states like California, Colorado, and Oregon to curb the illicit market already proves that Big Pot’s pitch to the Commonwealth is a pipe dream. In fact, commercialization brings with it costly, dangerous consequences like poisonings of children, severe increases in teen suicide, mental illness and violent crime. At the same time, the Allies strongly support S.B. 591 to help rein in the current crisis caused by Delta 8 and child-tempting edibles.

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Aubree Adams, Former Colorado Mom
Dangers of High Potency Pot, Delta 8,
Community Safety

Terrell Pollard, Chair
Henrico Too Smart 2 Start
Keeping Youth Free from Drugs

Carissa Russo, MPH, LPN
Education and Advocacy Coordinator Community Coalitions of Virginia
Personal Narrative of MJ Car Crash Risks

Thomas Eppes, MD, Co-State Director
American Academy of Medical Ethics
Health Risks of THC; Perception of Harm vs. True Dangers

Dana Schrad, Executive Director
VA Assoc. of Chiefs of Police
Law Enforcement and Crime, Trafficking

Nicole Hayes, Dir. State Public Policy
Christian Medical & Dental Associations
Medical Community Concerns about THC’s effects

Todd Gathje, Director of Government Relations
Virginia Family Foundation
Impact of THC on Kids, Families

Regina Whitsett, Exec. Director Substance Abuse
Free Environment, Inc. (SAFE)
Youth Drug Prevention
Public Health/Safety

Mary Crozier, EdD, Past Chair
Community Coalitions of Virginia
Youth Data Comparing Legal/Non Legal States

Linda Moore, Parent, Richmond
Concerned Mom

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Our alliance’s main concern is the public safety and mental health impact of commercializing a mind-altering drug. There is much concern in the General Assembly about mental health and public safety, yet both are jeopardized by normalizing use of an often high-potency hallucinogen which can trigger, psychosis, mood disorders, amotivational syndrome, addiction, and even violence.

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