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Marilyn Naughton Announces Release Of New Podcast, Where Are My Glasses?

I swear I just had them. Never mind. They're on my head...

It can get ugly real fast

You too?

Marilyn Naughton is thrilled to announce the release of her new podcast, Where Are My Glasses? It's a humorous look at life and is available for free download.

I love this podcast! Funny because it’s so real! I thought I was the only one who got a sense of satisfaction for organizing my groceries on the check out belt! Keep the funny observations coming!”
— Mary Beth Regan
ST CHARLES, IL, UNITED STATES, March 20, 2017 / -- Tune into the entertaining new Where Are My Glasses? podcast, guaranteed to tickle your funny bone. Each episode is independent and features Marilyn's hilarious take on life. If you've ever considered taking extreme measures to escape your cell phone contract, googled the best ways to break up with your hairdresser, struggled with social media, or stressed out waiting in the longest line (ALWAYS) at the grocery store, Marilyn understands and manages to find humor in those mundane moments of life. The short episodes are perfectly suited to fit a busy schedule. Who couldn't use a pick-me-up during your commute to work, over a lunch break, or after a long day at the office? So what are you waiting for? Check out Where Are My Glasses Podcast, available for FREE (that's right...FREE!!) download on your Podcast App. Oh, and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!

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