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The Experts at senseQA partnered Game Dev Underground for a live chat on QA for games

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Game testing and software quality assurance

Who is testing your game? What do you test and when? How do you test it? How do you measure your testing?

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, March 19, 2017 / -- The awesome individuals over at SenseQA shared these questions and other secrets during last Friday’s live session at Game Dev Underground chat. For 1 hour Martin and his team from SenseQA went over what specifically you should test in your game, how to actually test it, and how to make sure you’re doing it all the right way.

Tim Ruswick, an Indie Game Evangelist and Consultant from Los Angeles, USA, is asking live the key questions to show the essence about quality assurance for games

When you should test your game? Should you be testing it DURING development? After?

I recommend to get the first QA cycle done in the early stage of development.

The development gets much easier when you have a QA specialist by your side.

I have found it is much cheaper to have quality assurance done on your first playable build. Bugs are identified early and it helps you deliver your project smooth and easy.

What’s the best way to test something like a UI? How do you know if it’s easy to use and navigate?

User interface testing means to validate all the screens of the application. My best tip is always mind to have a back button and never let your navigation bar exceed the two steps from the home screen.

How do you test performance on various devices?

We usually begin with the simplest device. senseQA has a wide range of devices in many hardware-OS configurations. We use selected devices depending on the type of project. It is not easy to keep such amount of devices on standby just for testing. This is why signing up for QA service helps you investigate your quality better than you can do it by yourself.

How do you test things that exist only in the game world. How do you make sure puzzles are not too hard?

Each game has its major objective: To Hold Players’ Attention. senseQA has the know-how for common difficulty ranges for each target group of users. We are able to evaluate and suggest difficulty adjustments to maintain best User Experience and Satisfaction.

A good tip: Any purchase should enable a new character or scene upgrade. People are more willing to “upgrade the experience” than just to “remove ads”

When testing UX, do you need to use new people all the time? It seems like using the same testers might be counter productive, since they won’t be looking at things for the first time.

A professional tester represents a large variety of regular users while a single user represents himself only.Testerscontinue to develop their productivity because they are not looking to have fun, but they are looking for possible improvements, issues, leaks and fails.

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