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Chelmsford Massachusetts Chiropractor Awarded "Patient's Choice Winner"

Dr. Mark J. Chiungos, a chiropractor at A Chiropractic Wellness Place LLC, is honored with the selection as a top chiropractor in Merrimack Valley area


Dr. Mark J. Chiungos, 5 Fletcher St., Chelmsford, Ma. 01824, 978-250-6886, ;

Dr. Mark J. Chiungos Selected As A Top Chiropractic Practice for Chelmsford, Mass.

Chelmsford, Ma. February 2017

The chiropractic office of Dr. Mark J. Chiungos is very pleased to announce that it has again been selected by the nationwide health care organization, Opencare, as “A Top Chiropractic Practice for the Greater Chelmsford Massachusetts area. To be selected as a “Patients’ Choice Winner”, a professional practice is required to have received an above average number of reviews from patients that have received chiropractic care within the past year or so. These reviews are verified by such hosting sources as Google Local Business and the Opencare Network. The Opencare Network enables thousands of potential patients to discover and connect with qualified and responsive healthcare providers. Additionally, the practice must strive to be open and accessible in communications to all patients.

Since 2012, Opencare’s mission is to change “the way patient’s and health providers interact.” The Company continues to be focused on creating an amazing experience for patients to find the right health provider… and making “health care more personable, approachable and accessible at all times”. Opencare seeks out the best health care professionals that are “committed to quality patient care” and limits the number of practitioners in each area.

Those selected as a “Top Chiropractic Practice”, must have received strong favorable feedback from their patients including excellent communication and responsive health care. Surveys show that 63% of new patients look online for health care providers. A strong emphasis is placed upon reviews, experience, location and availability. Opencare’s criteria limit the number of eligible professionals in each geographic area and are a consumer’s assurance of excellence in health care.

Dr. Mark J. Chiungos of A Chiropractic Wellness Place, PC in Chelmsford, has been a licensed chiropractor since 1998. He continually strives to keep abreast of the latest trends in chiropractic care and is continually taking ongoing education to further his professional knowledge. As a chiropractor, Dr. Chiungos dedicates himself everyday to the treatment and understanding of back and shoulder pain, neck pain, headaches, hip, knee and foot pain, and other chronic conditions that impact the enjoyment of life.

What makes his practice a little bit different than others is his commitment to ongoing communication and feedback from each patient before, during and after treatment. According to Dr. Chiungos;” All people do not respond to chiropractic the same; responses to care and recovery times are often affected by a number of variables… It has been my experience that patients who develop a trust in their doctor, take suggestions, show up for treatment on a regular schedule, and work to communicate honestly have a better outcome.” To this end, Dr. Chiungos makes continuing wellness appointments an ongoing part of each patients care after the initial series of treatments have concluded.

The selection by Opencare nicely fits with Dr. Chiungos’ philosophy of easy and open communication at all times with his patients. Further, it reaffirms his message to each patient that their chiropractic care is a true partnership that works best when both patient and doctor each commit to fulfilling their respective responsibilities.

Dr. Mark J. Chiungos is a Licensed Chiropractor in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts since 1998. He is trained in and primarily diagnosis subluxation (spinal dysfunction) using Sacral Occipital Technique, a comprehensive neurological indicator based system that aides in the detection of spinal injury and dysfunction. Further information about Dr. Chiungos may be found at

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