ABBYY FineReader Professional available for online cloud access

ABBYY FineReader online in cloud from AppOnFly

ABBYY FineReader online from cloud

AppOnFly is making the leading OCR software ABBYY FineReader Professional available for online cloud access - for Windows, Mac, iOS or Android.

A revolution in software distribution from cloud”
— Vaclav Svatek, CEO Apponfly

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC, February 16, 2017 / -- AppOnFly makes the OCR software ABBYY FineReader Professional accessible online through either the remote desktop protocol (RDS) or directly via browser access in the form of monthly subscription.

About ABBYY FineReader
ABBYY FineReader is an optical character recognition (OCR) software that provides unmatched text recognition accuracy and conversion capabilities, virtually eliminating retyping and reformatting of documents. Intuitive use and one-click automated tasks let you do more in fewer steps. Up to 190 languages are supported for text recognition — more than any other OCR software in this market.
AppOnFly offers ABBYY FineReader Professional for a fraction of the price of the standalone application.

The online cloud access to ABBYY FineReader Professional through the AppOnFly subscription model has the following advantages:

Setup in seconds
No downloading. No installing. No waiting. ABBYY FineReader Professional is configured and ready to use.

Pay As You Go model
There are no commitments for the user and no need to pay for the software when they are not using it.

Easy team collaboration
The users can add their co-workers and share there data as if they were using a single computer.
The can select Shared folder and choose sho can view or edit the file.

Files are save and secure
Even if the user's device goes for a swim, the data is always safe with AppOnFly.

About AppOnFly:
AppOnFly is bringing to the user Windows software from the cloud, faster and easier than ever before.
Our mission has always been to make Windows software more accessible for everyone. We believe that you should have the freedom and flexibility to pluck any Windows software the user needs from the cloud, whenever and wherever he or she needs it. Not only that, we don’t believe that the user should be forced into long-term financial commitments. We reckon that pay-as-you-go is the way to go.
AppOnFly first had the idea to deliver apps from the cloud way back in 2005 (light years in tech years!) and have been perfecting the platform for doing this ever since. The AppOnFly platform is now capable of delivering an ever-increasing choice of professional Windows apps from the cloud, within just a few seconds.
Amongst the software to choose from are above all IBM SPSS Modeler, IBM SPSS, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project and Microsoft Visio and others.

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