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Award-Winning Australian ‘IoT4Energy’ Data Solution Approved for North America

Wattwatchers - ultra-compact 3G devices for energy data over-the-internet

Solar Analytics, with energy data from Wattwatchers, brings rooftop solar performance to life on the screen.

Gavin Dietz, Managing Director, Wattwatchers

'The convergence of clean energy and digital technologies is opening up a whole new world of cleantech applications that will empower consumers, save energy and money, and reduce carbon pollution.'”
— Gavin Dietz, Managing Director, Wattwatchers
SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA, February 7, 2017 / -- Australian energy technology company Wattwatchers, which specialises in enabling over-the-internet metering and control solutions for electricity, has gained formal approval for its flagship Auditor® 6M device to be installed in the US and Canada.

Sydney-based Wattwatchers worked with CETECOM, a US Test Lab certified by PTCRB*/CTIA to meet the requirements of select North American cellular operators, gaining approval to connect to AT&T in the US and Rogers in Canada.

Certification clears the way for Wattwatchers’ partner Solar Analytics to begin selling its solar monitoring service in North America.

Solar Analytics is a Sydney-based software company that uses real-time data, coupled with patented algorithms, local weather information, and deep in-house solar experience to analyse, diagnose and display the solar and energy performance of households and small businesses. With more than 12,000 users in Australia under its belt, Solar Analytics recently established its first US office in Oakland, CA.

Wattwatchers and Solar Analytics join a growing number of Australian energy cleantech and smart building companies that are crossing the Pacific Ocean to enter the North American marketplace.

The 6M is part of Wattwatchers’ Auditor® M series – operating on 3G cellular, in 3-channel (3M) and 6-channel (6M) versions – featuring ultra-compact size, revenue-grade accuracy and real-time circuit-level energy data monitoring capabilities with fast bi-directional communications.

Highly-granular energy data is streamed to the cloud and can be directed straight to clients’ own servers, as with Solar Analytics’ Solar Monitoring service; or can be made available for an expanding range of software-as-a-service (SaaS) and energy-as-a-service (EaaS) applications via the Wattwatchers API.

Wattwatchers, which won the Australian Technologies Competition New Energy Award in 2016, has 15,000+ devices in the field in Australia and overseas trials or demonstrations in the UK, New Zealand, Malaysia and the Philippines, with the US coming soon.

Gavin Dietz, Wattwatchers MD, said that securing US certification was a major step for the company’s growth strategy in 2017 and beyond.

‘It opens the door for Wattwatchers to pursue additional opportunities in the North American marketplace for IoT, home energy management, and commercial and industrial sub-metering applications. The convergence of clean energy and digital technologies is opening up a whole new world of cleantech applications that will empower consumers, save energy and money, and reduce carbon pollution. Independent high-grade data is a crucial element for this transformation period.’

Solar Analytics CEO and co-founder, Stefan Jarnason, said that North America was a growth market for residential-scale solar PV, with a trend away from solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) and leasing models to outright ownership of rooftop systems by householders.

‘Our sophisticated solar performance monitoring solution, developed here in the world’s highest-penetration market for residential PV, engages with residential solar owners and small businesses to significantly enhance the lifetime value of rooftop solar PV systems. As solar households start adding battery storage, data becomes even more important to ensure accurate sizing and timing, and performance optimisation. With real-time data and analytics, solar households will be perfectly poised to take advantage of the new distributed energy market that will completely change the way that we interact with, use, store and share electricity.’

ABOUT WATTWATCHERS - Australian-based Wattwatchers has created an award-winning independent platform for real-time energy data, IoT integration, solar + battery storage management and load control. Now certified for North America, this platform anchors a robust ‘New Energy’ services ecosystem with benefits for consumers and vendors. Wattwatchers Auditor® is the smartest, most compact real-time measurement IoT device on the market, enabling fast bidirectional communication of energy flow data and control commands over the Internet, with WiFi and data-optimised 3G options in 3- and 6-channel versions. The Auditor® range is being extended from monitoring into
circuit-level and major appliance control functions. Wattwatchers won the 2016 Australian
Technologies Competition New Energy Award. More information

ABOUT SOLAR ANALYTICS - Solar Analytics is a ground-breaking solar monitoring company that provides solar owners with compelling insights to increase the value of their solar power system. Founded in 2013 by a team of world-leading solar experts, Solar Analytics has developed a cloud-based data and analytics platform for residential and commercial solar systems. Using patented algorithms and machine learning AI, it analyses energy generation, local weather and on-site energy consumption to provide real-time alerts and engaging insights for solar partners and
households. More information and (for the US).

* MORE ABOUT PTCRB - Created by the PCS Type Certification Review Board, PTCRB certification ensures GSM/WCDMA devices are compliant with the technical specifications as defined in the NAPRD (North American Program Reference Document), regulatory and network operator requirements. A PTCRB certified device gives operators confidence it will not harm their network.

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Wattwatchers with Solar Analytics - an Australian clean energy combo