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Mining Equipment Market Industry Report by Key Benefits, Segments, Key Players and Forecast 2020

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This report provides a detailed analysis of customer preferences throughout the African mining sector, focusing on the factors that influence purchasing decisions and the performance of major equipment suppliers in the region. The analysis is based on extensive survey of over 110 senior decision makers.

Areas of analysis include:
• Customer satisfaction ratings across 16 categories on the performance of their main equipment supplier. Identifying which areas of business suppliers are excelling, and which suppliers are out-performing the competition.
• Identify which factors influence the decision making process for choosing an equipment supplier.
• Analysis of the major suppliers, namely Caterpillar, Sandvik, Komatsu and Atlas Copco, including their performance ratings compared to the overall average.
• Rankings of the leading suppliers for each equipment type, with respondents indicating who they viewed as the top suppliers throughout Africa for trucks, excavators, loaders, shovels, dozers, drills, continuous miners, engines, tyres, pumps.
• Insight into the likelihood of switching supplier, and the average perceived lifespan, in years, for select mining equipment.
• Key action points for suppliers for product and service improvements, highlighted by their customers.

Overall trends in the data revealed:
• Customer priorities in supplier selection are samples of products and services to trial, including demonstrations from trusted brands in the market
• Suppliers perform well, but have lower levels of satisfaction in key maintenance and logistical issues
• Caterpillar received the highest average satisfaction ratings and was considered the leading supplier for most categories of surface mining equipment
• Account managers made a significant impact in the selection process, alongside having a trusted brand in the market.
• Customers in Africa are very happy with their current supplier with only 10% are open to change in the medium term
• The availability of parts was the standout area highlighted for improvement

The report is based on responses from a survey of over 110 senior decision makers at operating African mines, responsible for the purchase of equipment for plant and mine operations, along with its consumables. Survey respondents came from 15 different countries, including South Africa, Zambia, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. This included four different commodity groups and a range of surface and underground mining operations.

Reasons to Buy
• Identify key areas for differentiation by understanding what factors most influence choice of supplier
• Target product and service improvement areas based on where mining equipment suppliers are currently underperforming relative to customer expectations
• Develop successful sales and marketing strategies through an understanding of the leading competitors and their strengths and weaknesses.

Key Highlights
• Manufacturers performed well with miners most satisfied with their 'ability to develop a long-term partnership' and their 'product quality and reliability'.
• Mines were most dissatisfied with ‘price' and 'on-time delivery and installation of equipment'.
• Overall the major suppliers such as Caterpillar, Sandvik, Komatsu and Atlas Copco perform well in terms of customer satisfaction, with Caterpillar particularly dominant across many of the 16 factors examined.
• Account managers make a significant impact in setting a manufacturer apart from their competition during the selection process, as the respondents cited ‘Better understanding of your needs’, ‘Better timing of contact’, 'Better ability to build a long-term partnership', 'Better tendering skills', and 'Demonstrated their product was superior' as key differentiating factors when choosing their current main supplier.
• The three leading areas for improvement identified by respondents were ‘availability of replacement parts’, ‘product quality and reliability’ and ‘ability to support cost reduction’.

Table of Contents
1 Executive Summary
2 Main Manufacturers of Heavy Equipment
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Major Heavy Equipment Suppliers in Africa
2.3 Leading Manufacturers by Equipment Type
2.4 OEM Shares by Country
2.5 Choice of Main OEM by Commodity
3 Key Factors When Choosing A Supplier
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Key Factors in Choosing a New Supplier
3.3 Key Factors when Choosing a New Supplier, by Country
3.4 Key Factors when Choosing a New Supplier, by Region
3.5 Key Factors when Choosing a New Supplier, by Current Main OEM
3.6 Key Consideration When Choosing a New Supplier
3.7 How Winning Suppliers Differentiated Themselves
3.8 How Winning Suppliers Differentiated Themselves, by Country
3.9 Comparison Differentiation by Current Main Supplier
4 Supplier Performance and Customer Satisfaction
5 Key Improvement Areas For Manufacturers
6 Action Points and Recommendations
7 Appendix I
8 Appendix II
9 Appendix III

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