Drug Delivery Technologies Global Market Segmentation and Major Players Analysis 2022



Global Drug Delivery Technologies - Innovation Driven by Rapidly Expanding Injectables Market and Increasing Usage of Complex Biologics during the Forecast

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"Global Drug Delivery Technologies - Innovation Driven by Rapidly Expanding Injectable Market and Increasing Usage of Complex Biologics during the Forecast Period" discusses the drug delivery technologies and trends in the market and the evolving business strategies being adopted and leveraged by companies globally. The ultimate goal of drug delivery research is to develop formulations and devices that can be used in clinical applications to treat various diseases.
Delivering a drug with the desired release kinetics requires an understanding of the underlying physicochemical properties of the drug, which determine the type of delivery material and drug release mechanism. Numerous parameters need to be considered, and their inter-dependence has to be taken into account to develop successful drug delivery systems for the intended applications.
It is important to understand the complexity associated with the development of a drug delivery system that can ultimately be used in human patients. The report covers the currently available drug delivery technologies and recent advances in the field, with granular analyses of the different types of delivery systems, their advantages, disadvantages and opportunities for future development. The report provides global market forecasts by revenue for the market until 2020.
Additionally, forecasts by revenue for key geographical markets and supporting analyses of the main factors driving or restraining growth are included. The market for drug delivery technology is poised for strong growth in the coming years. Key factors promoting growth include the rapidly expanding injectables market, the growing incidence of chronic diseases and the expected significant increase in the use of complex biologic drugs that necessitate novel delivery systems. Drug delivery companies have had to adapt to challenging times in the same way as pharmaceutical companies have had to over the past decade. These companies have achieved this by adopting new business strategies that allow them to take better control of their commercial and financial future. The report analyzes how business models in this dynamic industry have evolved over the last couple of decades and how new companies with improved product portfolios and propositions are emerging.

- What are the drug delivery technologies used in the market and how have they evolved in recent years?
- What will be the market value, by revenue, of the market over the coming years?
Drivers and restraints in the drug delivery industry:
- What are the most important factors promoting growth in the market at a global level?
- What are the most important factors restraining growth in the market?
- What is the impact of novel delivery systems on the management of a product’s lifecycle?
- Will emerging markets contribute significantly to the growth of the global market?
- How will regulatory- and reimbursement-related challenges hinder the market?
Technologies based on drug vehicle/carriers:
- What are the various advantages, limitations and applications of the currently available drug carriers?
Technologies based on route of administration:
- How can lifecycle management strategies reposition existing drugs by changing their route of administration?
- What are the advantages, limitations and applications of the different drug delivery technologies, based on their route of administration?
- What are the prospects for revenue growth for the latest technologies, including metered-dose inhalers and hydrogels?
Technologies for injectables:
- Which technologies in the injectables market have contributed to overall growth?
- What is the market forecast for needle-free injectors in the coming years?
- What is driving the need for novel delivery systems for injectable drugs?

Reasons to buy
- Gain insightful analyses and understanding of market dynamics. The report comprehensively describes and assesses the most important factors driving and restraining the drug delivery technology market.
- Evaluate a granular assessment of the pipelines for the various drug delivery technology segments and the prospects and revenue forecasts for the upcoming delivery technologies until 2020.
- Evaluate the strategies and business models used by companies to achieve their full commercial potential.
- Gain insight on upcoming trends and factors influencing the global market for drug delivery technology.

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Table of Contents
1 Table of Contents 3
1.1 List of Tables 4
1.2 List of Figures 4
2 Drug Delivery Technologies - An Overview 5
2.1 Drug Delivery Research: Past and Present 5
2.2 Drug Delivery Technologies Market, 2006-2020 6
2.2.1 Drug Delivery Technologies Market: Key Geographical Markets, 2010-2020 7
2.3 Drug Delivery Technologies Market: Drivers and Restraints in 2016 8
2.3.1 Key Factors Promoting Growth in Drug Delivery Technologies Market 8
2.3.2 Key Factors Restraining Growth in the Drug Delivery Technologies Market 10
3 Current Drug Delivery Technologies and Recent Developments 12
3.1 Technologies Based on Drug Vehicle or Carrier 12
3.1.1 Lipid-Based Drug Carriers by Type 12
3.1.2 Polymer-Based Drug Delivery 15
3.1.3 Cell-Based Drug Delivery Systems 16
3.1.4 Magnetic Particle Drug Delivery 18
3.1.5 Nucleic Acid-Based Drug Delivery 20
3.2 Technologies Based on Route of Administration 22
3.2.1 Nasal and Pulmonary Drug Delivery 23
3.2.2 Ocular Drug Delivery 27
3.2.3 Topical Drug Delivery 29
3.2.4 Oral Drug Delivery 33
3.2.5 Implantable Drug Delivery 35
3.2.6 Transdermal Drug Delivery Technology 38
3.2.7 Parenteral Drug Delivery 41
4 Advances in Injectable Drug Delivery Market 43
4.1 Self-injection Devices 43
4.1.1 Pen Injectors 43
4.1.2 Auto-Injectors 46
4.2 Pre-filled Syringes 50
4.2.1 Glass Pre-filled Syringes 51
4.2.2 Plastic/Polymer Pre-filled Syringes 52
4.2.3 Pre-filled Safety Syringes 52
4.3 Recent Developments 55
4.3.1 Microneedles 55
4.3.2 Needle-Free Injection Devices 58
4.3.3 Needle-Free Devices Market, 2006-2020 61
5 Evolving Business Models in the Drug Delivery Technologies Market 63
6 Future Outlook for Drug Delivery Technologies 65
7 Bibliography 66
8 Appendix 70

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