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Can forensics prove the innocence of Turkish managers?

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Turkey is experiencing a multitude of arrests of business directors. Forensics Experts can prove to courts their innocence. Otherwise companies are endangered.

MUNICH, BAVARIA, GERMANY, January 5, 2017 / -- Recently we have been reading and seeing reports of people being arrested for allegedly being involved in the Coup of Summer 2016. The vast array of leads that national security has had to sieve through must be enormous. Continued dramatic events add to the pressure on security services.

The recent arrests have made holes in the ranks of the different sections of the security forces. Evil individuals continue tormenting the Turkish society. Their intention is not just to hurt civilians but also to destabilize the countries democracy by frightening the tourists away. The task facing Turkish security services is tremendous. Their daily courage may not be disregarded.

Nevertheless, many people in important positions have been arrested due to the suspicion that they are disloyal to the Turkish society and its government. Often the arrest warrant is based upon data the intelligence recovered 2 years ago from a server used by an communication service called ByLock. This was available as application smartphones using Android and Apple’s iOS.

The current emergency state changes the rules of defense and prosecution. Therefore the accused managers and chief executive officers need to prove their innocence. This is not very easy as the ByLock applications were mostly used in the Turkish region for about 2 years. People tent to replace old phones with new phones. They might even update their tools or uninstall apps they no longer like to use.

Hence, you need to analyze all devices used by he accused as modern apps and smartphones interconnect also with other devices such as tablets and computers. Even the network at the office or at home may hold valuable information that would show if an app communicated in that network. Some networks are not well enough protected. Often easy to guess passwords have been used to protect a wifi network. Like that strangers may illegally use a company network. Hence, shifting the blame of their crime onto the owner or director of such a company.

It does not matter if the accused CEO is leading a national company or a subsidiary of a foreign company. The arrest leads to a 30 day deadline. After this, the company will experience severe consequences. The government does everything to prove to the public, that is will not tolerate treason. Unfortunately, the fight against criminal groups results in several wrong accusations.

It is problematic for national forensics experts to try to prove the innocence of individuals as they objectivity might be questioned. A fear of being accused of disloyalty to their nation may arise. The emotional situation in turkey is very volatile. Furthermore, this leads to the need to find independent forensics examiners for the available evidence.

Nevertheless, the potential for those innocently accused to be cleared is there. The courts expect a proper report according to international standards. The understanding of the key issues of this kid of accusation is important, as otherwise the courts will gain the impression that the report is paid to only pretend that the person is innocent and the devices have been thoroughly inspected.

The understanding of the framework upon which the accusations are set complements the expertise of ACATO’s forensics laboratory in regards to technology and methodologies. The reports depict a deep understanding of the locations where evidence may be found. Furthermore, the applications being used as a proof of guilt or innocence have to be available in a forensic manner (ISO17025, ISO27035-27042) so that a forensics lab can compare the traces with the signature of these apps.

In regards to ByLock application forensics: it may happen that an individual who actually did use the illegal application, might have deleted and hoped a security expert would not take enough effort to check if actually there is traces of this application once having been installed. Traces would have to be reported in a forensics analysis document, as eventually a cross-reference comparison would show that a trace was there. Hence, an independent forensics laboratory would be highly interested to deliver a unique and unbiased report.

The forensics team has on board also Turkish speaking network security experts who can help explain certain aspects to clients who might not fully understand an English explanation. Nevertheless, in accordance with the rules of reporting only the leading forensics expert may write the report. The other team members may assist, collect data or research aspects but they may not write or testate the report. The laboratory is well equipped and located in the center of Munich, the capital of Bavaria.

The analysis takes 1-2 weeks as the devices must be analyzed and the detailed report must be written. This court document may be 50 to 450 pages long depending on the quantity of devices and complex aspects surrounding this individual case. As the forensic services are billed by hour it cannot be accused of being biased in the hope of reaching a particular success. This independence together with a multitude of international certifications secures the trust of the courts. The special expertise in forensics and development of forensic solutions adds to the understanding of the attorneys that the laboratory definitely understands what it is writing about.

ACATO has been providing forensics expertise support for clients around the world. It secures evidence from damaged smartphones even after they were run over by a car or helps identified falsified CCTV recordings. The special equipment needs knowledge and therefore the company’s experts are regularly trained on new technologies. They also pass on their knowledge onto other experts from government and civilian organizations.

This is what makes ACATO a unique service provider for Turkish clients seeking a forensics investigation so to prove their innocence.

Christian Bartsch
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