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"Saving Hope" Coma Communication – Fact or Fiction?

Terri Jay, Intuitive Communicator

Life Imitating Fiction, a real life Dr. Charlie Harris communicates with people who cannot such as those in a coma, with Alzheimer's,unconscious and more.

Terri Jay has been communicating with those who cannot for over 25 years. Her clients are astounded by the results.
— Jay E. Crain
RENO, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, December 8, 2016 / -- "Saving Hope" is a top-ranking, scripted television series featuring a medical drama with a twist. Dr. Charlie Harris, played by Michael Shanks, ends up in a coma. During his coma, he wanders the hospital, not knowing what his condition is. When he awakens from the coma, he is transformed. Dr. Harris can now see and hear and communicate with his patients who are in a coma or otherwise unconscious.

Just a good story line, totally based in fiction or is there any possibility that people who are unconscious can have awareness and even communicate? If it is possible, then the ramifications are staggering. There are millions of people in the U.S. with Alzheimer's, many of whom no longer communicate, stroke patients who cannot talk, PVS and traumatic brain injury patients who can't communicate, those who are "locked in," have severe Autism and more. For many of these patients, even assistive technology devices are out of the question.

If it is, in fact, possible to communicate with someone who cannot, how can we differentiate between metaphysical abilities which can be questionable, verses a scientific (provable) explanation? Are the details that come through in this type of communication specific enough to prove beyond a doubt that the non-communicative person was actively participating in the communication through their consciousness or subconscious? If so, how is this even possible?

In researching coma communication on the Internet, there is little information. In an article in "MedPage Today" from August 12, 2013, John Gever sited research wherein two non-responsive patients showed differences in brain activity when asked specific questions during functional MRI's. Those "responses" were interpreted to be "Yes" or "No" answers, depending on the patients' increased attention to the response.

While this technical research shows promise, it doesn't answer the questions that family members want to know about loved ones who cannot communicate. Recently, several well-publicized cases regarding "brain-dead" individuals have drawn even more attention to the question: "Are you IN there?" Brain-dead people often open their eyes, move their arms and legs, make noises and all of these reflexive movements are too often misinterpreted that the patient is responding to their environment. Nothing could be further from the truth. Brain-dead means just that – the brain is no longer functioning. But what happens to the consciousness?

For those who have read the book, "Proof of Heaven," by Eben Alexander, his family contacted a psychic by the name of Susan Reintjes who connected to Eben while he was in a coma and then shared messages from him with his family. In the book, the family reacted in a way which made it seem as though she was successful with connecting to Alexander due to the details she received. Still, there has been much criticism of the validity and understanding not only of Alexander's condition, but of the experiences he had while in a coma.

"Coma Communication" is a Canadian organization with a U.S. office in Portland, Oregon. They define coma communication as "lovingly noticing and encouraging verbal and nonverbal communication of people in altered consciousness." Briefly, this method involves noticing movements, communicating to the patient that you noticed the movements in order to try and get the patient to repeat the movements in such a way as to produce two-way communication. This method does not seem to convey a true two-way communication and may only allow for "Yes" or "No" responses which are interpreted to be such.

Is there anyone who successfully and actively performs communication with non-communicative people without raising the specter of the metaphysical? I was able to find one person who also agreed to be interviewed. Nevada resident, Terri Jay has been communicating with those who cannot for over 25 years. She got her start in a very unconventional way.

As a life-long horsewoman, Jay was providing a therapeutic riding program for disabled kids when she "heard" a non-verbal child speak to her. Without realizing what was happening, Jay continued a lengthy conversation with the child while he was riding the horse and replied to his comments and answered his questions. When he was finished riding, Terri's assistant commented that he "sure was talking great." Jay replied with "Well he's very bright. Just because he has cerebral palsy doesn't necessarily mean he is mentally disabled." When the assistant pointed out that the child was incapable of speaking, Jay realized the truth and was shocked.

Terri went into the boy's classroom and walked to where the child had typed out on his computer "Horse lady can hear me." Jay now had confirmation that she could in fact "hear" unspoken communication.

With her curiosity peaked, Jay began to look at the "how" of unspoken communication. She delved into animal communication, intuition, spirituality, telepathy and finally physics. For a very pragmatic person, being "psychic" was not an option. "I could never get into "woo-woo" stuff," Jay stated. "To me, there had to be a reasonable explanation about how I was able to do communication with someone who couldn't. Physics supplied the perfect explanation. Everything is energy. Everything has a vibration and frequency. I'm just like a big cell phone tower. All I am doing is picking up on vibrations and frequencies that other people miss." Jay continued, "Few of us actually use corded phones to communicate anymore. Yet no one gives a second thought to the fact that we can see and hear someone thousands of miles away on a watch on our wrist."

Through research, practice and experiences, Jay has realized that the consciousness or sub-conscious are always available, whether the individual is asleep, awake, in a coma or persistent vegetative state or even deceased. Thoughts and feelings are energy, pure and simple. And for someone who has exceptional discernment abilities, this communication becomes very easy and is very healing to the family members.
Jay is available for individual communication, group seminars and shows.

Jay E. Crain
Terri Jay, Intuitive Messenger
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