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Phivida: Premium CBD Extracts, Beverages and Wholesale Hemp Oil

New whole plant hemp oil extracts and infusions - made from 100% certified organic hemp, containing natural cannabinoids

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, November 29, 2016 / -- November 29, 2016 (Los Angeles, CA) – With the successful passing of legalization in California, Phivida Inc. has officially launched their premium line of Hemp Oil products into the USA health and wellness marketplace. Phivida products are now available online at and coming soon to a national network of retail distribution across the USA.

Phivida Hemp Oil extracts and infusions contain naturally occurring cannabinoids (e.g. Cannabidiol, or CBD) in a range of consumer product formats. Using legally imported Hemp Oil extract, instead of federally illegal cannabis, Phivida offers American families with access to the key cannabinoids found in medicinal cannabis, without the psychoactive side effects of THC and the legal restrictions of a standing federal ban on marijuana.

Phivida launches during a momentous, yet turbulent era in US political history, with the election of a new president and nine states voting for the legalization of cannabis. California, Massachusetts, Maine and Nevada have all legalized recreational cannabis. In addition, Canada‘s cannabis legalization taskforce is expected to announce the new program framework later this month, and a rollout in 2017. Arkansas, Florida, Montana and North Dakota have also voted to legalize medical cannabis for use in debilitating diseases.  Advocates say this new government sponsorship of cannabis health encourages increased public access, education and awareness of cannabinoids and puts pressure on Congress, and other federal agencies, to act.

Many are calling this the end of Prohibition in North America, however, none of these newly legalized states change the current US federal ban on cannabis. The reality is that each state is highly regulated and taxed and will be restricted to intrastate distribution through a limited network of dispensaries. Even with this strict state level governance and regulation, many cite the lack of testing and quality control standards within these channels, and the lack of alternative access to non-psychoactive cannabinoids, such as those found in hemp oil.

In addition, skeptics of the parallel hemp oil industry cite poor production and quality control standards. Many CBD companies have been reprimanded by the FDA and other authorities for consumer safety, compliance and mislabeling infractions. Conversely, Phivida provides consumers with a premium quality alternative, and the peace of mind of knowing their families’ cannabinoid products are safe, and contain the highest quality ingredients available.

Phivida proudly serves American families, patients, caregivers and health care practitioners with Hemp Oil extracts naturally refined from 100% certified organic hemp. All Phivida Hemp Oil extracts are laboratory tested for safety, quality and potency, and bottled in clinical grade packaging with FDA compliant labeling, made in the USA at cGMP certified manufacturing facilities. Phivida products are doctor formulated using special blends of premium botanical based Nutraceuticals, targeting key health conditions.  Maintaining the highest quality standards – Phivida products are designed for distribution into national chains of natural health stores, clinics, vitamin shops and specialty grocery stores, and now online at  

Despite aging baby boomers, epidemic levels of inflammation based disorders, and growing public support, medical cannabis remains federally illegal. On the other hand, Phivida provides safe alternative access to non-psychoactive cannabinoids from import Hemp Oil extract; free from political risk, public controversy, and the side-effects of THC.

Hemp Oil Beverages

Phivida is dedicated to innovation in the functional foods and natural health product sector, a global market estimated at over $1 Trillion USD. Using cutting edge nano-encapsulation technology, Phivida has the ability to produce water soluble Hemp Oils, used to produce a custom formulated line of infused functional beverages. All beverages are 100% vegan, low calorie, with no added sugar, no artificial flavors or colors, and are free of; gluten, soy and tree nuts. Phivida Hemp Oil infused beverages are Non-GMO, made with organic ingredients such as natural fruit juices, as well as a special doctor formulated blend of botanical vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and other nutraceuticals targeting specific health conditions and performance. Phivida functional beverage product lines include; Iced Teas formulated for GI and Gut Health, Vitamin Juices for cognition, immune system and mood, and Nutritional Shakes for muscle, bone and joints. Visit for more information.

Hemp Oil (and CBD)

Phivida Hemp Oil extracts have gained popularity from the burgeoning global medical cannabis sector as they contain naturally occurring cannabinoids, such as “Cannabidiol” (CBD). Cannabidiol from hemp oil has been the focus of much media attention in recent years due to the hundreds of clinical trials at the top medical research centers in the world, exploring the potential of CBD in the clinical treatment of all 20 of the top therapeutic categories (an estimated $200B USA market). Such clinical trials include; pain and inflammation, Cancer, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer's, Crohns and Colitis and other major diseases and disorders. Popularized by the medicinal cannabis lobby, Cannabidiol is also found in high concentration within Hemp Oil extracts, free of THC and when legally imported, is eligible for sale in all 50 states and retail channels.

For more information on the potential of Hemp Oil extract and its cannabinoids, such as Cannabidiol please visit and search “Cannabidiol”.

About Phivida Inc.

Phivida Inc. advocates a return to traditional whole plant medicine, celebrating; Health and Wellness, In Harmony™. Phivida’s mission is to be a leader in the alternative wellness sector – specializing in premium Hemp Oil extracts. Phivida is dedicated to the highest quality standards and only uses premium organic ingredients, professionally formulated, third party tested for safety, purity and potency and manufactured at cGMP certified facilities. Partnered with some the largest certified organic hemp farms in Europe, Phivida also offers wholesale Hemp Oil extract in bulk in a number of formats including: nano-encapsulation technology for enhanced bioavailability and water solubility for use in any beverage format, including their Hemp Oil infused functional beverages, the retail market shelves in 2017.
For more information on Phivida, visit or call toll-free: 1-844-744-6646.  

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