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MEDraysintell will launch its Market Essentials reports

The “Market Essentials” reports aim to provide accurate facts in a condensed document with real added value for the reader.

LOUVAIN-LA-NEUVE AND LALAYE, BELGIUM AND FRANCE, November 30, 2016 / -- MEDraysintell plans to launch early 2017 two new “Market Essentials Reports” providing key facts on Nuclear Medicine and Proton Therapy to advice non-industry insiders on the potential for investments, merger and acquisitions (M&A), technology and market development existing in healthcare technologies using radiation for diagnosis and therapy.

Those “Market Essentials” Reports will be real assets for the healthcare industry or for the financial community (investors, investment bankers and M&A professionals) to support their audit and to make informed decisions with unbiased and factual intelligence from experts.

The “Market Essentials” reports aim to provide accurate facts in a condensed document with real added value for the reader. These documents are also intended to take the opposing view of the many recent articles and market reports written by non-experts which are regrettably providing misleading, outdated or inaccurate information on nuclear medicine as well as in particle therapy. MEDraysintell identified recent publications reporting about confusing information on a new potential Molybdenum-99 shortage, or unrealistic projections for the PET versus SPECT market, while not recognizing the growth in radiotherapeutics too often erroneously associated with brachytherapy. For the proton therapy industry, several market reviews presented inaccurate facts such as data about the installed base or ignoring several major equipment vendors even mentioning companies not linked to the proton therapy market.

The “Nuclear Medicine Market Essentials” and the “Proton Therapy Market Essentials” reports will include important insights on the market, key drivers, vendors, products of interest for the coming decade, as well as companies to monitor, mostly in tabulated forms with the most recent and precise figures and names.

MEDraysintell believes it is the right moment to publish such “Market Essentials” reports as both the nuclear medicine and proton therapy have entered an era of high potential for growth, involving new technologies and a high number of products close to being marketed or under advanced stage development. This business will trigger the interest of new investors as well as the conventional pharmaceutical industry to support these markets which are rising up to three times faster than the global healthcare market.

MEDraysintell has already supported numerous companies globally helping them to better understand these markets, and welcomes your requests for specific intelligence needs in these areas.

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