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Buying, Selling UK Property. Offer Accepted Now What?

Conveyancing Solicitor finder Service made easy and efficient.

MANCHESTER, CHESHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, November 23, 2016 / -- Buying or Selling UK property - Exciting times.

Many Homebuyers cost out their potential move and establish from the outset what their moving costs will be. Having a budget and sticking to it helps to take the strain. Stress as we know is caused by uncertainty.

Everyone races from the start line to find that ideal property. It might be after they have sold their own property or they might start looking straight away.

Lets focus on the property sale first.

The home seller has taken advice from a local Estate Agent, gone online to compare their property against others and they now have a sale price in mind. Lets now assume that a Buyer promptly comes along with a company move package. They have support from their company and they can move fast. They make an offer, asking price and the offer is accepted 'Subject to survey'. Has the Seller got a Solicitor at the ready. They haven't, oh dear then they are about to turn a controlled Sale into a rushed Sale.

They need to find a Conveyancing Solicitor, understand what the costs are for conveyancing and then if its looking good instruct the Solicitor. The Solicitor will send out a Client care pack to the Seller. The Seller receives the pack, reviews the terms, signs and advises which Fixture and fittings are included in the sale. Can they really do that promptly? They duly return the paperwork signed. The best will in the world that will be at least 7 days delay.

Lets look at another scenario. The Homeowner is thinking of selling a property. They establish their moving costs maybe by writing out a checklist and costing each stage. Ideally they want fixed fee professionals that they can rely on. If they can work to a budget and they are ahead of the game then they can react to what happens next.

They can go online to the Homebuyer Conveyancing website
Compare accurate conveyancing quotes for their property sale. Filter results by price, location and by Mortgage lender. They can do all that without entering any personal details.
When ready they take a conveyancing quote away and book a timed call from their chosen Conveyancing Solicitor to discuss their fully detailed quote. If they do instruct then as above they will be sent the Client care pack. Return the appropriate signed parts. Should an offer be forth coming they can now pass their Solicitor details over promptly. Now that feels good. The Buyer wants to move fast and the Seller is ready to do just that.

You can see that being ahead of the game works.The same thought process applies if a Homeowner or Investor is buying a property. The Buyer sources a property, works out what they are going to offer. If the the offer is accepted the Buyer wants to know that they can get moving with the legals.

So in short it pays to budget for conveyancing costs when the Home buying or selling journey begins. To have a Solicitor on standby with terms agreed makes sense. When on offer is accepted all parties need to get moving.

Homebuyers and Sellers can get a Sale and purchase quote and use estimated prices if required. If they do that then they can get a Solicitor on standby ready to proceed. Firmly be in the driving seat and the stress levels be less.

Find Instant Homebuyer conveyancing quotes for a Sale and Purchase.

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