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Cultural exchange becomes spotlight on 3rd WIC

WUZHEN, ZHEJIANG, CHINA, November 20, 2016 / -- The 3rd World Internet Conference (WIC), which was held between Nov. 16 and 18 in Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province, has drawn wide public attention.

Themed on"Innovation-driven Internet Development for the Benefit of All - Building a Community of Common Future in Cyberspace", it has attracted over 1,200 representatives from governments, international organizations, enterprises, research institute, technical communities and civil groups to discuss common issues in global internet development. And the debate on cultural exchanges was the spotlight of the event.

Today, internet has become an important platform and vehicle to spread culture and inherit civilization.

On one hand, the development of internet technology has made cultural communication even more efficient. Many traditional cultural contents spread out via internet platforms, transcending time and space limits. The internet can make cultural exchanges much deeper than one-way interaction.

On the other hand, the internet also gives birth to multiple cultural forms like internet literature, webcast and online gaming. These business forms, which are both personalized and diverse, add vitality to cultural and entertainment life and provide new growth point for the cultural industry.In recent years, the internet-based cultural industry has witnessed strong development in the world as a whole, notably that in the Chinese market. And topics related to internet culture have gained increased attention from the international community.

Cultural exchange on the internet has always been a hot topic on former WICs. During the 2nd World Internet Conference, participants had engaged in hot discussions on “building a sharing platform to promote cultural exchanges and mutual-learning among civilizations.”

During this year’s conference, the organizer also held a discussion on “pushing for Better Cyber-culture”.JinYuanpu, head of the Cultural and Creative Industries Studies Center of Renmin University of China, Yulia Elanskaya, Deputy Director of International Cooperation Dept. Ministry of Telecommunications and Mass Media of Russian Federation, Robert H. Xiao, CEO of Perfect World, GuYongqiang, president and CEO of Heyi Group, Li Tao, founder and CEO of APUS, Ma Chang, director of the culture and art department at British Council, and Chen Hang, president of China Culture Industrial Investment Fund,shared their ideas on the event.

During the discussion, participants provided much food for thoughts on how to push for prosperity in cyber-culture. Robert H. Xiao, CEO of Perfect World, pointed out three keywords, literally “innovation”, “integration” and “open sharing”, based on his own experience in managing the online gaming company.

“Prosperity in cyber-culture calls for continuous innovation, and only by providing quality contents and tell inspirational stories can the cyber-culture industry becoming more dynamic,” said Xiao. “At the same time, different industries should integrate and synergize based on the “Internet Plus” strategy and create a new eco-system for different business forms.”

“We should also be open in our mentality and keen to share,” he added. “By keeping communication with the rest the world, we can consolidate global resources and introduce our culture to the outside world.”

Opinions shared at the event were echoed by most of the participants and some were even viewed as innovative “Chinese wisdom”.

Some insiders believe that the World Internet Conference will play a positive role in promoting cyber-culture exchanges, increasing China’s say and rule-making authority in cyberspace.

China’s internet culture has witnessed significant growth in recent years.

On one hand, the sector has kept strong momentum. According to statistics, the overall income of the country’s internet culture market achieved 101.72 billion yuan in H1 2016, of which 79.7 percent came from online gaming that stood at 83.89 billion yuan. The income from online music, webcast, and online animation were 2.54 billion yuan, 8.26 billion yuan, and 7.03 billion yuan respectively. Internet culture industry has become a new force in China’s economic development.

On the other hand, many cultural and creative companies like Perfect World have stepped up their efforts to go global. While Chinese culture is introduced to the world more efficiently through the internet, it has also enhanced its influence in the international community.

China’s hosting of the past world internet conferences, to some extent, demonstrates its strength in the internet industry as well as in the cyber-culture sector.

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