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A new fund will help and support frogmen who are affected by war injuries. Denmark's leading rum producer, A. H. Riise, is donating 24000 € to the fund.

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK, November 16, 2016 / -- When elite soldiers from the Danish Frogman Corps put their lives at stake for Denmark in war and conflict zones in different places on earth, it happens in the utmost secrecy.

The Frogman Corps is deployed on the front line and especially behind enemy lines. Many of the missions are carried out under extreme risk - and such missions give a very special unity among the soldiers in the Frogman Corps.

Unfortunately, not all come unscathed home from missions. Even a big strong frogman can get scars on body and soul. And then there is need for the special unity among frogmen.

"Current and former frogmen are one big family, and we help each other when needed. With the new fund the work to support and help frogmen in vulnerable situations will now become more organized," says member of the board of the fund, Klaus, who does not want his last name known as he is still an active frogman.

The fund is called "Conventus Ranae" which is Latin for "An Assembly of Frogs".

In collaboration with the frogmen, A. H. Riise a year ago launched the unique Royal Danish Navy Frogman Rum. It is part of the profits from sales of this rum - exact 178,571.50 kroner - witch now goes to the new fund.

"We are very grateful for the money. This means that we can now help some frogmen in the process of establishing a new life where the public system and we as individuals not quite are enough. Sometimes money makes a difference, "says Klaus.

At A. H. Riise CEO Michael Bielefeldt are happy to help frogmen.

"Frogmen have to live with their effort for Denmark is done without public attention and recognition. Therefore, it is nice to be able to show them our support and say thank you for their efforts in this way, "says Michael Bielefeldt.

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