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Appliance Repair Company in Austin offers unique, state of the art service

America’s Appliance Delivers with High Tech Solutions

I know for a fact that many in the industry were caught flat footed and have since been back on their heels a bit.
— Nate Hanson
AUSTIN, TX, UNITED STATES, November 7, 2016 / -- Home appliances are different today than they were years ago. Experts at leading appliance repair firm, America’s Appliance in Austin Texas, say that recent technical developments are changing the industry.

"The advent of smart homes is radically changing things. Washers and dryers, ovens, ranges, and refrigerators are growing more sophisticated every year," says Jeremiah Wade, Manager for America's Appliance Repair.

Wireless internet is changing in home appliances as well. "Every appliance you can think of can be integrated into your home wireless internet," says Wade. "This means that there are much more things for the average homeowner to learn about to be able to operate all the appliances efficiently in their home."

As a direct result of the increasing electronic sophistication of home devices, appliance repair technicians must be highly trained to cope with customer needs and with the latest technologies. To accommodate their clients America’s Appliance says they have taken to training technicians to fix all makes and models while incorporating them into the modern smart home.

Today you can activate ovens, washing machines, refrigerators, and many other appliances remotely by just using a smartphone. America’s Appliance says their technicians are equipped to troubleshoot and identify the cause of new generation appliance problems that may arise. They can quickly address such issues 24 hours a day, seven days a week at affordable rates in the Austin area.

This drastically changing landscape has come as no surprise to America's Appliance repair. According to America's Appliance Repair President of training and talent acquisition, Nathan Hanson, the company has long prepared for this new age of home connectivity.

"I know for a fact that many in the industry were caught flat footed and have since been back on their heels a bit," said Hanson. We've been preparing for years, at all levels of our business to accommodate these changes. That includes ramping up our customer service department to handle high-tech inquiries as well as training our current staff to operate in this new environment effectively. We even re-designed our entire hiring and onboarding process so that America's Appliance Repair sends out skilled technicians into the field who are best adapted to the 21st century."

"We expect these changes will further fuel our recent and explosive growth in Texas," Hanson added.

About America’s Appliance
America's Appliance Repair provides fast, expert services in Austin. For more information about the company's services call (512) 236-5518 or visit at The company's address is 408 W 14th St, Austin TX 78701

Jeremiah Wade
America's Appliance
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Jeremiah Wade
America's Appliance
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