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Stylos. A New Indestructible Titanium Fountain Pen/Rollerball Pen set housed in a machined aluminium "Pen Capsule" .

Stylos Titanium

Stylos Black

Stylos Red

Despite the Tablet, the humble Fountain pen is still in vogue. STYLOS invigorates the genre by adding contemporary hi-tech millitary materials.

In many cultures, the written letter and word is considered “art”. I take every opportunity to infuse art into everyday objects. With pens it’s even more tactile sensual and very personal.
— Kostas Metaxas
AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS, November 1, 2016 / -- [Amsterdam, Netherlands] November 1st, 2016
Mr. Kostas Metaxas is an award winning artist and designer. His recent projects, among others, include precious gold and platinum "Haute Creation" Fountain pens and Lighter art-objects for Paris-based S.T. Dupont, a collection of Tourbillion Table Clocks for Swiss brand Matthew Norman and a range of Hi-End audio amplifier sculptures that wouldn't seem out of place in MOMA.
His latest pet project is the creation of STYLOS writing instruments. A unique design which combines a universal nib housing with virtually indestructible construction.
STYLOS is a curvaceous, seductive, minimal, sinful writing experience. A beautiful sculpture with soul, character, personality. It allows you to unleash your inner Hemingway. To distill and liberate your most intimate thoughts. For those who enjoying the pure and sinful pleasure of writing.
The "Universal Nib Housing" allows you to change the nib "tactile experience" [Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Bold & Calligraphy] and nib brand [Peter Bock and JOWO or Schmitt] within seconds. The German Peter Bock and JOWO [Schmitt] nib families are used by the majority of the luxury pen industry brands. This includes nibs made from steel, titanium, gold and palladium. Depending on customer request, Nib Housing for many other brands will also be offered in the future.
To keep it future proof, additional nib housing kits and rollerball/fineliner kits are also available as well as classic accessories like a leather pen pouch.
According to Metaxas: "A fountain pen is one of those rare objects which connects with us on so many levels. In our most creative mode, it is an extension of our mind which through gestures of our hand convert random thoughts into intelligible concepts, ideas or expressions.
"Every time we use a writing instrument - we write code. Sometimes people understand it. Sometimes there are layers in the meaning of the words we write. Often, we give away more in the style and stroke of our writing than in the actual words themselves.
"In many cultures, the written letter and word is considered “art”. I take every opportunity to infuse art into everyday objects. With pens it’s even more tactile sensual and very personal.
"STYLOS is a sculpture. It’s a little “kiss of art” you can carry with you every day".
About Stylos titanium range:
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About Kostas Metaxas
Meet Mr. Kostas Metaxas, an award winning artist-designer , a Luxury-Lifestyle Magazine Editor/Publisher, and a Filmmaker/Broadcast Producer who covers fashion, design, gastronomy and the arts with over 1000 documentary interviews and two awarded feature films to his credit.
Drawn to the shapes and textures of old master painters and sculpture since he was a teenager, about the same time, he was introduced to Hi Fi equipment and fell in love with the art of music reproduction. To him, art and design is "visual music". Unable to afford expensive Hi Fi equipment, he taught himself electrical engineering and started producing his own, which turned into his first business. Hungry for knowledge about art and design, Metaxas started a magazine so he could interview great artists and designers worldwide, learn from them, and feed his own creativity.
For Metaxas, designing feels euphoric. He enjoys working with various materials – metal, glass, ceramic, plastic – and subverting technology, like using dental techniques to create jewelry and watches. Both the traditional manufacturing methods and the latest software – or their combination – work great for him. He thinks of the big picture first, then the details and the best methods to create them. And all of it in an environmentally friendly way.
He strongly believes in balance with a twist, in the fight between the chaos and order, and a little intrigue thrown in. A bit of theatre, and a bit of utility – there needs to be substance, it should be useful, and it should also invoke experimenting and playfulness with infinite possibilities.
Some advice from Metaxas to young designers: "Research the breathtaking work of others, and wait until your idea exceeds that standard, otherwise it has no reason to exist. Do your absolute best. If you're not motivated, don't do it. Give life to an object which never existed before".
That's what he's doing, and he loves every moment of it.

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