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Great Independent Album - Inspire 2 (Redemption of the Ghettos Worldwide)

Mezonic - Inspire 2

INSPIRE 2 is the follow-up to INSPIRE that was released in 2009. This album focuses on motivating and inspiring the youth about their future.

NEW YORK, NY, USA, October 13, 2016 / -- Mezonic – Inspire 2 (Redemption of the Ghettos Worldwide)

INSPIRE 2 is the follow-up to INSPIRE that was released in 2009. This album focuses on motivating and inspiring the youth about their future. There are also hidden messages within the songs that will have individuals thinking about many aspects of life. Redemption of The Ghettos Worldwide is simply planting a seed of positive views to the youth about life. Mezonic took three years to complete this project and listeners will appreciate every single song. In a time where everything we hear on the radio is about only girls, guns, and weird stuff, this album is a breath of fresh air. Many kids and young adults do not have a father figure to tell them what’s right or wrong. As entertaining as it is, this album provides great messages that teach the youth and young adults about choices in life.

Production credit goes to Sequence/Cap Beatz, Victory Beats, Infectious Michael, and last but not the least, Mezonic. Song credit goes to all the artists that contributed to this process (Jimmy Black, Brinaddy, & Dearest). International Hip-hop Artist/Song-writer/Producer, Mezonic displayed many different production sounds on this project. Songs like Come to America, Energy, and African Girls, definitely showcase the Afro-beat/Reggae-ton/Hip-hop mixture. 95% of this album promotes uplifting messages; a positive and a productive lifestyle for young and older black people to strive for. The album is an easy listen for all people, however, the target market is for young Black and Latino men & women (Africans/African Americans/Caribbeans/and blacks) worldwide that face the harsh and real struggles of life; hence the title, Redemption of the Ghettos Worldwide. Key points about the content of this album include songs about young black people starting to focus on entrepreneurship, short or long-term education, loving each other, appreciating their skin color and features (stopping the self-hate), appreciating their love ones, and building more black own business(es)/unions throughout the world.

Another song, Plastic Surgery, talks about the detrimental effects of undergoing plastic surgery. Surgeons will never run out of business considering the number of legit operations required. Example, people born with various birth defects. That person may need surgery to reconstruct his/her face. However, it seems like the media and Hollywood encourages plastic surgery. This in-turn is bringing more harm to young women & girls. It promotes low self-esteem, self-hate, depression, and other negative results.

To conclude, this album is classic, very catchy, and promotes an overall message of not only hope but also networking and pulling resources together. Mezonic did a clever job by making the music fun, creative, and conscious. Writer Chris Johnson says, "It’s about time that we start seeing more 100% black owned and financed businesses. Such as National Black Product Distribution, Black owned credit card companies/banks, 100% distributed black record labels and entertainment companies, more educated blacks working for a bigger cause (to help the community as a whole), African/Caribbeans/African Americans etc. building for future generations and working together." For more on Mezonic, visit

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