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Transcom Releases Forward-Looking Strategy for Future Success

From a U.S. Transportation Command News Release

SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, Ill., Sept. 23, 2016 — U.S. Transportation Command has released a new strategy designed to help the command navigate the uncertain future it faces, Transcom officials said.

The intent, officials added, is to ensure Transcom remains a world-class organization always capable of answering the nation’s call.

“In the coming years, we should expect conflicts to cross regional boundaries and potential adversaries to field numerically superior forces with near technological parity,” Air Force Gen. Darren W. McDew, Transcom’s commander, said in the document.

Outlining Steps to Achieve Priorities

The framework outlines the steps the command will take to achieve its priorities, which McDew announced in January to help the command prepare to tackle tomorrow’s challenges, officials said. They are:

-- Ensure today’s readiness and advocate for tomorrow’s capabilities;

-- Advance cyber domain capabilities;

-- Evolve for tomorrow; and

-- Champion an innovative, diverse and agile workforce.

Combined, officials said, the priorities provide the vision for a future command that is better able to anticipate change, leverage new technology to increase effectiveness and efficiency, quickly and easily adapt to new realities and respond to cyber threats with resilience.

“We must be ready to execute in contested environments while advocating for tomorrow’s capabilities, extend mission assurance through the cyber domain, evolve the command to ensure agility and responsiveness in the dynamic environment of tomorrow, and address the fundamental changes occurring in our nation’s workforce,” McDew said.

Innovation, Agility, Bold Ideas

While the strategy incorporates the ends, ways and means for reaching the desired end-state outlined by the priorities, Transcom officials said, it also stresses the need for innovative thinking, agility and bold new ideas from the entire workforce. In fact, they added, when McDew presented the new strategy to the command, he charged the workforce to take positive action to address the challenges they face.

“This is a living document as the strategic environment demands flexibility in our collective efforts,” McDew said. “While the command strategy provides my overarching guidance, every [command] member must interpret the concepts and apply them with their own initiative. You are empowered.”
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