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Realtor Giving FREE Money To Home Owners For Remodel!

Free remodel money for home owners who wish to upgrade their homes!

We believe in our clients. We know each American wants to achieve the American Dream of HOME OWNERSHIP. That is why we are giving the home owner money to do this
— Basil Yaqub
NEWARK, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 23, 2016 / -- At the Basil Yaqub Group we are innovators and creators. We have created an opportunity that allows homeowners to get FREE money (up to $100,000.00) and RAISE THE VALUE OF THEIR HOME AND NEIGHBORHOOD!

Why? Simple: "We believe in our clients. We know each American wants to achieve the American Dream of HOME OWNERSHIP. Many people have purchased homes in the last 10 years yet the conditions of those homes are not great. It is our mission and goal to empower home owners to use this money, rehab their homes so we can get them the HIGHEST dollar possible," says Basil Yaqub, Leader of The Basil Yaqub Group and Vice President at Pacific Realty Partners, Inc.

The money can be used by any homeowner who is interested in selling their property but the condition of their home might not be great. By using this money, they can improve the condition and sell at a higher price.
"There is always a higher demand for turn-key homes in great condition," says Basil Yaqub. "These homes sell fast and for top dollar ALWAYS."

Our Most recent successes:

Owner at 37298 Aleppo Drive attempted to sell their home for $850 000 and could not sell it. The owners contacted me and my team - the Basil Yaqub Group and we consulted with the seller and they accepted each of our recommendations. We renovated the property and brought in our team of plumbers, electricians, handymen and general contractor to revitalize the home.

We listed for $999,000 and sold for $1,200,000. That is over $300,000 beyond the expectations of the seller. The seller did not have to pay a dime from her own pocket!

Another fantastic success story:

3647 Del Monte Way in San Leandro. Owner comes to Basil Yaqub to sell the home as is for $548 000. Basil consulted with the owner and made recommendations which the seller agreed to follow - we brought in our team of renovation specialists. The property was renovated in less than 45 days. Then my team and I listed the home and sold it for over $670 000, netting the seller an extra $100,000! We broke sales records in his neighborhood.

If you are looking for a different way of doing things...a team of people that believe in customer service and are uniquely qualified to assist you, then the only choice is The Basil Yaqub Group.

For more of these examples or for consultation, anyone may contact The Basil Yaqub Group at:

Basil Yaqub
Pacific Realty Partners
email us here