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Colorfest Expand Their Range With an Exclusive Set of Artist-Designed Adult Coloring Greeting Cards

Unique professional hand-drawn designs give this set a quality edge

SEDONA, AZ, USA, September 21, 2016 / -- Colorfest Crafts are an emerging brand in the coloring market, known for their quality pens and pencils. This week they have launched their newest product a set of Adult Coloring Greeting Cards.

“We had been looking to add some fun things to color to our range that were not coloring books but that still gave customers a satisfying coloring experience” said Alice Raven, Head of Marketing at Colorfest.

Although the demand for adult coloring books is still high, Raven had seen that this was encouraging many amateurs to jump on the bandwagon and flood the market with less than quality images. Also that consumers were now looking for something different. Something smaller and more portable that could travel with them and be colored-in during odd spare moments. Maybe when they were sitting in the doctor’s office or waiting to collect a child. Also, in their busy lives, a coloring project that could be completed in hours rather than days.

At the same time she was noticing the growing popularity in hand-made greeting cards. People were recognising that the message and good intentions of mass-produced greeting cards were often getting lost in the commercial nature of them and that they did not always offer good value for money either. So they started making their own .. and found that they were having lots of fun doing it too.

Then, some months ago a chance conversation between the owner of Colorfest, and a local artist gave birth to the idea for some beautiful hand-drawn coloring cards. They saw that in this digital age although it’s great to get a wave of birthday wishes on Facebook it is still much more exciting to discover a hand-written envelope in the mailbox and get a personal card through the post. And then how much more special to find it is a unique card that the sender has spent time hand-coloring just for them. Cards like this rarely get thrown away and can remain cherished and enjoyed for years.

Colorfest have researched and tested good quality card stock for their cards so that they will give great results with all coloring media from colored pencils to gel pens. The set includes 12 unique designs with envelopes. It comes in a sturdy box and the cards have been left blank inside so they can be used for any occasion. Their versatility is that they can be either colored for fun, colored-in and sent with a special message or given as a gift to anyone who loves to color. And, although they are currently being marketed as adult coloring cards, they are equally suitable for kids.

The designs are the work of Carla Kirlin Darin. A multi-talented Sedona AZ artist who expresses her art in drawing, painting, photograpy and multimedia. Each of her card designs has been meticulously worked and re-worked to give the right balance of detail. Not too much to strain your eyes and not to little to make the image uninteresting to color. She is working exclusively with Colorfest Crafts on this collection.

“We were so lucky to get together with such a talented artist and whose design ideas were so in line with ours” said Alice Raven “She is already working on a second set which will also be exclusive to Colorfest”

Colorfest has hit the mark with these quality greeting cards. These are not just cards .. they are art

Colorfest Adult Coloring Greeting Cards are now available at Amazon

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