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LATITUDE Pharmaceuticals Receives USPTO Notice of Allowance for Novel Injectable Depot Formulation Platform

Formulation Experts for Insoluble Compounds

Phospholipid Gel Depot

SAN DIEGO , CA, U.S.A., September 20, 2016 / -- San Diego-based drug formulation specialist LATITUDE Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (LATITUDE), announced today that it has received a notice of allowance from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for a U.S. patent application covering LATITUDE’s PG Depot™, a phospholipid gel composition that enables sustained localized or systemic drug delivery for small molecules, peptides or proteins with up to one-week release from a single intramuscular or subcutaneous injection.

LATITUDE’s PG Depot™ properties are particularly well-suited for prolonged delivery of drugs that require a high dose and/or frequent injections as well as drugs with poor stability or solubility. Individual PG Depot™ formulations can be custom-tailored to create optimized drug-release kinetics, including peak-less profiles. The PG Depot™ is composed entirely of FDA-approved injectable ingredients, and its simple production process is significantly less expensive than other injectable depot technologies such as PLGA microspheres and liposomes. LATITUDE’s PG Depot™ has proven to be safe for both human as well as veterinary applications, with human product candidates already in Phase II clinical studies.

“We are very pleased that the US Patent Office has recognized the novelty and utility of the PG Depot™ platform,” noted Dr. Andrew Chen, LATITUDE’s President and founder.“This adds to our significant drug delivery intellectual property portfolio, allowing LATITUDE to provide our clients and partners a superior controlled-release technology that addresses their drug delivery needs and further strengthens the intellectual property of their key assets.”

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LATITUDE is a drug formulation developer for the biotech and pharmaceutical industries that focuses on IP-generating, leading-edge drug formulation approaches and technologies. Based on its track record, LATITUDE has built a solid reputation as an innovative formulator for difficult and/or highly insoluble drug molecules.

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