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Vintage And Rare Posters Go Up For Auction

1st Labor Temple Poster

The Byrds at Labor Temple

Original Woodstock Poster

Some say they are the rarest posters in the world - including one of the rarest Grateful Dead posters to ever be printed.

These are more than the finest rock posters we have ever offered... they are the RAREST!
— Poster Pash, Owner of PashCo Posters
MINNEAPOLIS, MN, USA, September 16, 2016 / -- Twin Cities auction house PASHCO POSTERS announces their upcoming auction of what some collectors consider to be the most rare of concert posters in the world.

In January 1969, the third floor of the Labor Temple in Minneapolis started holding concerts on Sunday nights, featuring national and international bands. The first concert was held on February 2, 1969 and featured The Grateful Dead. The Temple was packed and people were turned away at the door due to the lack of room. Community News, a local company, began doing the light shows for the concerts, using home made "movie screens" draped across the back of the stage, as well as the posters, handbills, tickets and even proud control for the events. The concerts at the Labor Temple came to an end in the middle of 1970 but not before dozens of famous established and rising artists played the stage. And for every concert, Juryj "George" Ostroushko designed, printed and distributed a small set of promotional posters. These posters were typically never saved by anyone, and are highly sought after by collectors worldwide.

Ostroushko is a Twin Cities artist with a passion for music. As part of his company Community News, his job was to create images and effects for the light show for each concert at the Minneapolis Labor Temple. He was always trying new effects with gels, oils, lights, screens and drapes and he designed (and sometimes even printed) each main poster for every concert. Already an artist and hippie from the West Bank of Minneapolis, Juryj always carried a sketch pad with him and when ideas came up he drew them. Many of these sketches were used in the posters he designed. Juryj, sketch pad in hand, traveled to San Francisco in the hey-day of the Haight-Ashbury and Fillmore Era days. As a known artist in the Bay Area, he knew many other posters artists, and they shared their works with each other. His influences can be seen in the likes of Fillmore and Avalon posters, just as they influenced his work. He is a true artist and influencer of the psychedelic era and continues his passion for fine art and music to this day.

Nearly 20 of the most rare posters from the Labor Temple events are coming to auction on October 2, 2016 including a one-of-a-kind GRAND OPENING NIGHT GRATEFUL DEAD poster. Also included in this auction are many rare 60's and 70's psychedelic era posters ranging from the Beatles to Zappa. Collectors will be excited to see the fine set of 60's Pandora Production posters, including LOVE IS A FLOWER and one of the rarest BEATLES posters in existence. The Beatles poster came about when in 1969, an unmarked envelope showed up in Pandora Productions mailbox. It contained a photograph of the Beatles near the River Thames. The team at Pandora decided to create a poster from it and the rest is history. Not many of these were made available, and PashCo Poster purchased the remaining lot - some of the last in the Pandora Collection. These posters defined the age of Aquarius and the summer of love, and are in amazing condition for being 45+ years old.

As an authorized agent for both David Byrd and Arnold Skolnick, the PashCo Posters auction also includes a rare, signed and original Skolnick Woodstock poster that's expected to bid well into the thousands, and a new set of Byrd-inspired rock Giclee's, and vintage posters and ephemera including Fillmore and Avalon Family Dog posters, and vintage blacklight posters.

Potential bidders can check out all the treasures and review the catalog online here:

Once viewers sign up, they can begin to bid on items and participate in the live worldwide auction on October 2nd, 2016.

To stay in touch with Pashco Posters and get on their mailing list, contact the auctioneer at:

Paul Pash
PashCo Posters
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