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There were 2,545 press releases posted in the last 24 hours and 400,242 in the last 365 days. launches the Experiential Online Business Courses in USA launches the experiential online business courses in USA, as a reliable alternative to what companies really need from their employees.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, September 16, 2016 / -- We all know that there is a significant gap between the knowledge people get during their academic or formal studies and the knowledge they actually need in the real life in order to perform at their jobs.

As PhD Roger Schank said “what has been done before in education at all levels has been a lot of telling, followed by quizzes, to see if a student/trainee can temporarily memorize what they just read or heard“. Online learning should be realistic and engaging, giving the possibility of doing mistakes and encouraging students to see things in a new way after that.

To continue Shank’s statement, until now the online courses consisted more in boring video-lectures mimicking as something new and hi-tech and in fact being the same obsolete method of listening or watching someone who just speaks about something that eventually we will forget until the end of the day.

Because the time for a different approach has come, London School of Business and Communication is launching in USA. BigMainStreet transformed online learning providing premium online business courses with astonishing content and every page brings the excitement, the curiosity and the pleasure of discovering new things. The knowledge is clear, concise and as simple as the text in a magazine and the learning style is direct and to the point, using an easy and accessible language for all.

For example, at the Management Course, students first play the Assistant Manager role, then they are a Department Manager and finally a CEO, in each role resolving real cases applying the practical knowledge acquired during the courses.

At there are over 30 majors in Management, Human Resources, Leadership, Marketing, Sales, Banking & Business Communication specially tailored for the USA trainees. For early bird enrollments until 1st October, USA trainees get a 25% discount on selected courses.

Chris Bennet, Marketing Manager at gives us insights on the learning model saying: “Unlike the MOOCs where anyone can become a lecturer, we provide you only verified knowledge from the most experienced professionals and experts. We don’t give you a course and leave you on your own with the so-called “lifetime access”, meaning you can attend and complete it sometime in this lifetime. We know that you want to achieve your goals faster not just someday in a lifetime. So, you don’t need another lifetime course you won’t take part in. Our online courses take 8 to 12 weeks and you can learn in a short time the things you've always thought hard and difficult to understand.”

After finishing their courses, students can download their diploma and transcripts and can also order the printed International Certification offered by London School of Business and Communication.

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