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TransTech 200 Innovator List Announced

These 200 People and Companies Use Tech to Transform the Future of Human Well-Being

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA, USA, September 1, 2016 / -- The first-ever TransTech200 was announced on August 30, 2016 at Singularity University’s Global Summit. This is the first curated list to highlight the key innovators, makers, researchers, influencers, organizations, scientists and entrepreneurs who are expanding the known limits of human thriving.

Transformative Technology Lab Co-Founder Nichol Bradford revealed these movers and shakers at the summit, and highlighted a sampling of the new products and personalized solutions TransTech 200 members are developing for consumers and providers.

Included is new technology to help reset our nervous systems, meditate in VR, accessorize with fashionable bracelets that boost well-being, bridge the gap between tech and traditional yoga, optimize breathing combined with posture, improve our environment for greater well-being, measure our physiology anywhere at any time, recreate moments that bring us peace, and measure our brainwaves with inexpensive EEG devices that would have cost over $10,000 just five years ago. There is even an app that emotionally grows with us.

“These new inventions from both start-ups and major players are changing the lives of millions globally, altering industries, and even impacting how we breathe air in our homes,” says TransTech 200 Co-Founder Dr. Jeffery A. Martin. “They are transforming how our minds and bodies transcend stress, sleep deprivation, relationship conflicts, and other mental and emotional health issues to increase happiness, connection and empathy via technology.”

“The TransTech 200 was formed to accelerate the growth of these technologies and the companies and innovators behind them,” says TransTech 200 Co-Founder Nichol Bradford. “Investors are looking for this kind of resource to find new projects.”

TransTech categories include:

1. Sensors (wearables, hearables, remote/environmental)
2. Data (AI, Big Data, Real-Time Analytics)
3. Neurofeedback (EEG, fMRI)
4. Neurostim (tXCS, tRNS, DBS, CNS, TUS, FUS, TMS)
5. Biofeedback (EDA, Heart, Temp, Breath)
6. Biostim (Vagus Nerve, Peripheral Nerves)
7. Perception (VR, AR)
8. Sleep (Monitoring, Improvement)
9. Healthy Spaces (Design, Air, Water, Lighting, Materials)
10. Apps (Gaming, Gamification, Apps, Social, Behavior)

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