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Texas Pro-Israel Leaders call on Michael Dell to Disavow Actions of Dell Jewish Community Center’s Neil Blumofe

Calling on Dell and JCC’s CEO Jay Rubin to withhold further funding until Anti-Israel activities come to a stop

AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, August 22, 2016 / -- This morning, a group of politically active, pro-Israel leaders in Texas, including members of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), are calling upon Austin business leader Michael Dell and CEO Jay Rubin of the Dell Jewish Community Center, to disavow the actions of JCC Rabbi Neil Blumofe. Rabbi Blumofe supports George Soros funded organizations such as T’RUAH, Breaking the Silence, The New Israel Fund, and Rabbis without Borders, all of which have waged outrageous attacks against the State of Israel and, most especially, the IDF.

In recent days, Blumofe, the leader of Congregation Agudas Achim, located at the Dell Jewish Community Center in Austin, has lent his name, support, and his reputation to these and other anti-Israel and anti-semitic organizations. These organizations have a record of making libelous attacks against the IDF and promoting the policies of organizations that seek to destroy the State of Israel as well as sponsoring terrorism.

Avi White, a leader of the group, said they were calling on Blumofe to cease his anti-Israel activities immediately. Blumofe plans to lead a tour to the Palestinian Authorities coordinated by the Soros-backed group, Breaking The Silence, where he is scheduled to visit the gravesite and pay homage to the “martyred” terrorist leader Yasser Arafat.

“Supporters of the State of Israel from Texas and across the nation, both Jews and Christians, are outraged by the actions of this so-called 'Jewish leader' who pretends to defend the State of Israel while at the same time enabling those who seek to destroy it,” said White—a First Sergeant in the IDF.

“Blumofe must come clean and publicly acknowledge his affiliation with these anti-Israel organizations, disavow these hate groups, cancel his trip and apologize to the people of Israel and the brave men and women of the IDF who risk their lives defending Israel and fighting back against terrorism,” Sgt. White said.

Danny Katz, an Austin businessman and public relations expert, said that a failure by Michael Dell and CEO Jay Rubin to take action and put a stop to Blumofe would only lead to increased scrutiny of the center that bears Dell’s name.

“It is a tragedy that the good reputation and work of the Dell Jewish Community Center have been sullied by Blumofe and his dangerous affiliations. It is critical that Michael Dell and Jay Rubin take action now to prevent further damage, Katz concluded.”

White and Katz said they are calling upon Jewish spiritual leaders including Austin Jewish Orthodox authority Rabbi Moshe Trepp to join them in calling out Blumofe and in asking Dell and JCC’s CEO Rubin to disavow his actions and demand that they come to a stop.

“Now is the time for the Jewish Rabbinical authorities to speak out and defend the Jewish homeland and expose those pretenders who, by their actions, are working to destroy it,” Katz said.

“Michael Dell has a strong record of support for the Jewish community and the State of Israel,” said White. “We cannot imagine that he would continue his support of Blumofe now that his anti-Israel activities have been exposed. While we are grateful for everything Michael Dell has done for the Jewish community, we are asking him to withhold any additional funding support of Blumofe and the Dell Jewish Community Center until Blumofe ceases his scurrilous behavior and promises to end his support of these Soros backed, homophobic, anti-Semitic organizations once and for all. Friends and supporters of the State of Israel around the world are watching,” White concluded.

Avi White
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