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How Music Can Unlock Trapped Memories

Aria uses a "This is Your Life" approach to memory care


As conditions like Alzheimer's Disease and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder continue, the number of lost memories grow. Here to help is Aria Musicholistics.

The best way to unlock precious memories, is with precious memories.
— Darryl Duncan, Founder Aria Musicholistics
CHICAGO, IL, USA, August 16, 2016 / -- August 7, 2016 – Being unable to remember can be a source of shame and watching a loved one struggle to recall their ‘golden days’ can be heart wrenching. To painlessly remedy these strifes, Aria Musicholistics has a new and unique technique for memory recovery, essentially repairing the mind and soul. Even the Alzheimer’s Association has featured a rudimentary music therapy program(1) because of the shocking success rate of simple audio based techniques, yet Aria Musicholistics goes far beyond the low standards of ‘music therapy’.

Aria Musicholistics heals the mind through, sights, sounds, and sensations through a holistic approach. At a most basic understanding Aria Musicholistics displays stimulating images or lost photos while playing the thought-provoking music of the client’s time. Yet the approach becomes endlessly complex with the extent of deep research on every client’s past, including data on news events, previous homes, and best music of the time. In this way Aria Musicholistics is able to tailor each session to each client, ensuring the best results possible. With countless studies backing their results alongside a non-invasive technique, Aria Musicholistics is perfect for anyone, young or old, struggling with memory recovery.

About Aria Musicholistics
Aria Musicholistics was founded in 2015 by Darryl S. Duncan, an acclaimed musician, composer, and veteran. Since 1998 he has been a celebrated expert in the sound industry, providing audio for prominent titles such as Dance Dance Revolution and The Sims. Sadly, Darryl was inspired by the loss of his Grandmother who passed away at 102 years old. Darryl has always believed that “The best way to unlock precious memories, is with precious memories.” And Aria Musicholistics very much reflects this approach, providing memory stimulation with prior experiences and sounds. Aria Musicholistics is ideal for anyone who struggles to remember and even provides group sessions for nursing homes of the more timid clients.

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